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September 5th, 2018: America Runs On Dunkin'...And Apparently So Do Its Cars

Hot again today:


Wednesday Partly sunny, with a high near 87. East wind 5 to 7 mph becoming southeast in the afternoon.

Wednesday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 76. South wind around 7 mph.

Sunrise: 6:27am

Sunset: 7:22pm

It's also the first day of school so take extra care out there.

The kids may not be fired up, but at least the speed cameras will be:

Tonight also brings partial closures on the Queensboro Bridge bike path:

And hey, look at that, the mayor is putting the Dyckman Street bike lane redesign halving on hold:

Streetsblog has the story, including commentary from the mayor himself:

...a protected bike lane is obviously there for a reason and alteration to that should be done very, very carefully. So, this was not brought to my desk. It should have been brought to my desk. It will be brought to my desk and I’ll render a judgment, then we’ll let you know. So, that decision’s on hold until I review it.

And from Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer:

“Cars need to be able to stop and get their coffee,” Brewer said. “Columbus and Amsterdam [avenues with protected bike lanes] have more space. You don’t have double-parking like you do on Dyckman. The culture is double parking! You’re not going to change that.”

The notion that cars somehow run on coffee aside, it's worth noting that most traffic problems are caused by drivers who insist on doing things after getting in the car that they should have done before.  Take getting coffee: first get the coffee, then get in the car.  Problem solved.  (Who needs to drive to get coffee anyway?  Where in New York City is it possible to be more than five feet away from a place that serves it?)

Also uptown, the badly deteriorating bridge just north of the GWB on the Hudson River Greenway is now closed for inspection:


The Fort Washington Pedestrian Bridge — which provides safe passage over the Amtrak tracks on West 180th Street and the Hudson River Greenway — was closed for an inspection on Friday, Aug. 24, a Parks Department spokesperson said. The bridge, which is due for an upgrade, will be off-limits for park visitors "until further notice," the department announced.

The Parks Department will place signs at parks entrances to alert pedestrians and bicyclists to a detour path. Visitors should utilize the bridge on West 181st Street to access nearby streets and can enter the Hudson River Greenway by using the bridges on West 158th Street and the Henry Hudson Parkway or West 153rd Street and Riverside Drive.

This means a detour along one of the city's most popular cycling routes:

And people are upset:

I often use the Hudson River Greenway when going downtown myself, but at least there's always St. Nicholas.  Oh wait...

They must be getting coffee.

Speaking of bike lane blockage, here's an interesting case:

Hey, maybe they're guerrilla bike advocates and they're installing a concrete divider.

In far more tragic news, a cyclist assaulted by an ATV rider has died:


The four-wheeling road rager drove into Eucario Xelo as he pedaled west on Seneca Avenue towards Woodbine Street in Ridgewood just before 1 a.m. last Tuesday, NYPD said. The killer was part of a group of individuals on two- and four-wheeled motor bikes and he appeared to intentionally knock Xelo off his bike and into the street, according to surveillance video broadcast by ABC7.

Let's all pause to remember the words of noted safety advocate Steve Cuozzo:

The way alpha-bros zoom through red lights is at odds with the cycle lobby’s claims to upholding humane values. Bikers long ago replaced muggers as the No. 1 fear of those on foot.

Yeah, right.

Finally, Thrillist recently ran a guide on "how to become a cyclist," and while it doesn't exactly break new ground I was pleased to see one excellent bit of advice:

Since New York weather is seldom so temperate, get ready to embrace the power of layering for the fall and winter. Uniqlo’s Heattech undergarments -- leggings and shirts -- are ideal for riding on colder days. Icy wind is the enemy of an urban cyclist. A fleece face ski mask only leaves your eyes exposed, which you can protect with well-fitting sunglasses.

I realize it's very, very difficult to think about it now, but that Uniqlo stuff is absolutely fantastic.