Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

August 16th, 2018: Hot.


Thursday Weather

Thursday Mostly sunny, with a high near 94. Heat index values as high as 97. Southwest wind 5 to 8 mph.

Thursday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 77. West wind 3 to 7 mph.

Sunrise: 6:07am

Sunset: 7:53pm

That's hot.

When you head out to the beach take note of the new shift in the bike path along the Belt Parkway:

Elsewhere, there's lots happening.  The 9th Street redesign in Brooklyn is underway:

Dockless Citi Bike launched in the Bronx:

With concomitant festivities:

The W. 29th Street bike lane in Manhattan is going green:

And then of course there's the Uber cap:

The picture of the cyclist squeezed by motor vehicle traffic (including a truck with a ticket that's basically so much confettin since the company will just bargain down anyway) speaks volumes about what's wrong with the streets--and it ain't the Ubers:

Capping Uber

It's going to take more than an Uber cap and a few boats to free up the streets:

Sure.  You'd need a fleet of Titanics running every 10 minutes to start making a dent in our monumental traffic jams.

(Or congestion pricing.)

Speaking of which, the City Council met yesterday for a hearing on traffic safety:

And Ydanis Rodriguez "went there" by bringing up banning cars around schools:

I dream of schools not besieged by large double-parked vehicles every morning and evening, but I'm sure Big Minivan would have a thing or two to say about it:

Big Minivan

Of course you can always take your mind off of reality by worrying about scooters:

So why all this rage, you ask? Because, as the Verge notes, it's legal for scooter purveyors to simply spring their wares on cities without warning. Those cities, however, may lack the infrastructure to manage a dockless bike share system; as a result, streets and sidewalks end up littered with scooters, and pedestrians trip over these as if stumbling through a living room scattered with a negligent child's toys. Having recently returned from St. Louis, which just saw Lime bikes materialize as if from nowhere, I can report that the vast majority of the bicycles I saw were toppled over on lawns, abandoned in the middle of sidewalks, and strapped to the fronts of public buses with the rest of the privately owned bikes, suggesting that they had been commandeered as personal vehicles. I did not see many engaged in actual use.

We've all heard the dockless bike horror stories, but I can tell you firsthand that dockless bike share continues to work in Yonkers despite a total lack of bike infrastructure::

As for scooters, the prospect of having to have a drivers license is particularly laughable:

The Verge predicts that legalization would come with a slew of provisions, including a possible helmet mandate and possession of a driver's license. (Ideally, this would mean fewer reckless drivers leaving wreckage in their wake, like the aforementioned Segue bandit. But can you stop a drunken bro from scooter rampaging through the East Village?) Elected officials would also need to figure out which public spaces lend themselves best to scooting: Do we want them snaking through sidewalk crowds? Zipping through the bike lanes? Out in open traffic? And as far as our ability to use these devices without murdering them in fits of fury, dockless bikes—which recently descended on the Rockaways—may help clarify whether or not we as a city are ready for this model.

Did somebody say drunken bro rampaging through East Village?


If only he'd been on a scooter.