Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

October 26th, 2018: Your Weekend Forecast

You should have a dry commute today:

Friday Weather

Friday Partly sunny, with a high near 53. Light and variable wind becoming southeast 5 to 7 mph in the afternoon.

Friday Night Rain, mainly after 1am. Steady temperature around 52. East wind 8 to 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Sunrise: 7:19am

Sunset: 6:00pm

But Saturday could be another story:

Weekend Weather

In light of this, the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast calls for...

Brooklyn Brewery

...Post Road Pumpkin Ale!

Pumpkin Ale

With some unsettled weather visiting our Halloween weekend, we’re recommending our Post Road Pumpkin Ale for your weekend haunts. Its festive but not overwhelming touch of spice and refreshing finish make it perfect for trick or treating, costume parties, or pretending the rain outside is spooky instead of gloomy. Pair it up with a favorite horror movie or three and enjoy the spirit(s) of the season.

Fortunately the forecast improves for Sunday, so hopefully it will be dry for the Tour de Bronx:

If you need a tune-up ahead of the ride you can get a free one on Saturday:

You can also warm up for free thanks to Citi Bike:

In Queens, the DOT continues to tweak the Skillman Avenue bike lane:

In motorist news, always remember the high probability that the driver you confront is unhinged:

That's quite a rap sheet:

And finally, it's never too early to start complaining about a bike lane:

Last Thursday night, block residents walking their dogs near 12th and Sixth Ave. were not happy about the new bike lane having recently been painted onto the street.

One woman, who gave her name as Nancy, said she had “made a list” of all the vehicles that would be stopping in the buffer zone next to the bike lane, which would make it hard for other cars to pass by, especially since the street narrows — as could be seen by how the bike lanes and buffer-zone lanes angled in toward the middle of the street a bit farther down the block.

Yes, why wait for the paint to dry before declaring it DOA?  Nancy, who is apparently psychic, says with certainty that this will be the worst thing to happen here in 34 years:

Nancy said she has lived on the block 34 years, “and I have never seen a big problem like we’re going to have” with the protected bike lane.

She said just thinking about the idea of the plastic bollards for the lane coming in was making her anxious.

That's an impressive mixing of tenses, but she may want to seek professional help for her bollard-phobia.

And if you didn't move quickly enough to snatch up all those Sutton Placce bargains Steve Cuozzo was generous enough to share, you're in luck, because thanks to the bike lane Kevin's now going to have to unload his place for a song!

A neighbor of hers, Kevin, who has had his apartment on the market, said he’s worried the bike lane would affect its value.

“I’m legitimately concerned it’s going to knock 10 to 15 percent off my sale price,” he said.

Uh, that's not what "legitimately" means, Kevin.

And won't somebody please think of the children?

He said he has two young children who he sends to classes in ride-share cars and that now he’s worried about doing that with a bike lane right in front of his building.

If only there were some way they could utilize this "bike lane" thing to get to school instead of using Uber...

Oh well.  

But when it comes to battling bike lanes, nobody does so more fiercely than Arthur "We Have A Yuba" Schwartz, who is now being driven to madness by lines that follow the curb:

“We’re hiring a traffic study. Those lines are really crazy,” he said of the striping for the bike lanes and how they veer in and out, depending on the streets’ varying widths.

Here are those crazy lines:

I assume by "hiring a traffic study" he means going to Home Depot and buying a tape measure.

If lines that change direction along with the roadway freak him out, just wait until he sees the Long Island Expressway.