Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

October 1st, 2018: Beware of Metaphors

We've got ideal riding weather to start the week:

Monday Weather

Monday Partly sunny, with a high near 76. Southwest wind 5 to 8 mph.

Monday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 65. South wind around 7 mph.

Sunrise: 6:53am

Sunset: 6:38pm

September ended with plenty of ticketing:

And it's safe to assume it will continue into October.

You can also add "dunk tank" to the long list of things blocking the bike lane:

Nothing quite as frustrating as having to circumvent a giant metaphor for the NYPD/cyclist relationship.

Another obstacle is aggressive beautification:

As well as out-and-out irony:

Uber recently announced they'd be spending $10 million to reduce congestion, so I guess that will be going towards bike lane exploration and reconnaissance.  

In bike share news, I recently heard from a Citi Bike user in the Bronx who reported bikes being stored inside apartment buildings, and evidently this continues to be a problem:

Docks seem a little more practical than going door-to-door like a Jehovah's Witness.

Finally, the Netherlands may ban phone use while cycling:

Several years ago, researchers set up cameras in The Hague and found that 20 percent of bicyclists were using phones, mostly to listen to audio, as CityLab has reported.

Last year, the transport ministry said devices played a role in 20 percent of accidents involving people under 25, according to Dutch News. But as Holland Cycling notes, there is some disagreement over how directly phone use on bikes is linked to accident rates.

This would be a tremendous blow for American bike advocacy, which depends on a steady stream of carefree Dutch cycling images.

Guess it's time to stock up on photos of helmetless people cycling in Amsterdam with a baby under each arm.