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March 13th, 2019: The Surest Sign of Spring

Another pleasant day, and with less wind:

Wednesday Weather

Wednesday Increasing clouds, with a high near 46. Wind chill values between 25 and 35 early. Light and variable wind becoming south 5 to 8 mph in the afternoon.

Wednesday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 39. South wind 3 to 8 mph.

Sunrise: 7:11am

Sunset: 7:00pm

Tomorrow the "Cycling In The City" exhibit opens at the Museum of the City of New York:

And yesterday it received some attention from the Times, misleading headline notwithstanding:

In 2008, an East Harlem resident, Dulcie Canton, had not just one but half a dozen jobs: dog-walking, cat-sitting, fine-arts modeling, coffee shop barista, just to name a few. And she biked to each of them. Why? “I was struggling to make MetroCard money,” she said in a recent interview.

“I thought of cycling as a way to save money, going to my gigs,” Ms. Dulcie said. Besides, she added, “mass transit is crazy.”

Not having to buy a MetroCard also makes it less likely you'll encounter rats:

Highlights of the "Cycling In The City" exhibit include a chance to ride a Citi Bike, which admittedly isn't too exciting if you arrived there by Citi Bike:

Also, that one appears to be electric, which means it'll cost you another two bucks.

Speaking of Citi Bike:

And did you know you can suggest a location for a new Citi Bike station?


Unsurprisingly, there's a suggestion for a station on nearly every street in the city, which pretty much says it all.

In the Bronx, the NYPD have seriously injured a delivery cyclist:

Delivery Man

The cyclist was traveling near East 153rd Street and River Avenue in the Concourse Village section of the Bronx around 3:45 p.m. Monday when a police car responding to a call tapped the bicycle’s rear tire, the NYPD and the FDNY said.

That sounds like more than a tap.

And finally, there's no surer sign of spring than the return of anti-bike lane propaganda from the local news:

Yes, given the havoc the Skillman Avenue bike lane is causing it's amazing Woodside has survived the winter:

All it takes is one double parked car along the roadway, and FDNY's Rescue 4 can't move around it. 

"We have to look at this and see what is the problem before someone gets injured or killed," said Manny Gomez, co-chairman of the group Queens Streets for All. 

Here's a crazy theory: maybe the problem is selfish people double-parking along the roadway.

Also, try to follow this one:

Last week, as the trucks were answering a call, the engine company made it through the one lane passage. But seconds later, the larger and longer Ladder 163 struck the back of a parked SUV. 

"A car was sticking out a little too far, so that throws them out when they make the turn and caused an accident," Queens Streets for All Executive Director Patricia Dorfman said. 

If the car was sticking out then how does that "throw them out?"  Unless...

No, that's ridiculous, it was totally the bike lane's fault.

And no bike lane freakout would be complete without the specter of economic collapse:

Some business owners say the changes have an a direct impact on sales. 

"After road changed, all the business going down almost 20 percent," said Danny Zhang, who owns Asian Bistro. 

He says customers find less parking, and businesses have trouble getting deliveries. 

If parking is so difficult the city should definitely install a few bike racks out front.

Problem solved.