Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

June 14th, 2019: Your Weekend Forecast

We'll have a pleasant end to the work week:

Friday Weather

Friday Partly sunny, with a high near 75. West wind 11 to 15 mph.

Friday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 61. West wind 6 to 11 mph.

Sunrise 5:24am

Sunset 8:28pm

And you might want to front-load your weekend with outdoor activities because so far Saturday looks like the sunnier day:

Weekend Weather

The DOT says it will continue to work on Grand St. this month:

And here are the new 14th St. rules:

Presumably they'll enforce the "next available right" provision with cameras.

And starting next week the DOT will also present much-needed improvements to 8th Ave. along the Port Authority Bus Terminal:

Though arguably any plan that doesn't involve removing the Port Authority Bus Terminal should be a non-starter.

Unless they plan to turn it into a giant bike parking garage:

Meanwhile, this whole "Citi Bike" thing may just catch on:

And did you know that 718 Cyclery organizes overnight bike tours?

If you didn't, now you do.

Of course one of the big stories this week has been the DOT plan for a protected bike lane on Central Park West, and the West Side Rag covers it with their characteristic local flavor:

Central Park West

Several community members stepped forward to complain about the behavior of bikers, and to ask for greater enforcement of them than is currently occurring. Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin, of the 20th precinct, responded that the far great incidence of accidents involving automobiles made them the NYPD’s primary focus.

You tell 'em, Deputy Inspector.

And while normally you don't want to read the comments, some of these are priceless:


Truly priceless:


Yes, when it comes to industries so flush with money that they can afford to give kickbacks to community board members, the first one that comes to mind is the bicycle industry.

Finally, NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill is not in favor of legalizing e-bikes and e-scooters:


“If you have an e-bike doing 25 miles an hour, that's a lot different than a pedal-assist e-bike doing 10 miles an hour and it's much more dangerous,” O’Neill said.

The Legal Aid Society looked at NYPD crash data from 2018 and found that e-bikes were the cause of just 32 of 62,000 reported injuries on city streets.

Very true.  Also true: a regular bike going 25mph is a lot different than an ebike going 5mph, a boat going 30 knots is a lot different than a helicopter sitting on a helipad, and a dog is a lot different than a cat.  

Anyway, just wait until he hears about cars.