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September 16th, 2019: Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You're Too Busy Looking For Parking You Could Miss It.

It's going to be a hot day on the bike today, with possible showers later today:

Monday Weather

Monday A 20 percent chance of showers after 2pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 80. West wind 3 to 7 mph.

Monday Night A 20 percent chance of showers before 9pm. Partly cloudy, with a low around 61. North wind around 9 mph.

Sunrise 6:37am

Sunset 7:04pm

In Brooklyn, the DOT says the Grand Street bike lane will be finished by the end of September:

The city has finally given the much-anticipated Grand Street bike lanes in Williamsburg a completion date — and it’s the end of the month!

Department of Transportation spokeswoman Lolita Avila confirmed the agency is looking to finish bike lanes on both sides of the two-way thoroughfare from Rodney Street to Vandervoort Avenue by the end of September.

As for whether or not it will still be full of cars, they're not saying:

Bike advocates have criticized the bike lane as being unsafe and constantly blocked by illegally parked cars and even a construction site dumpster, calling on officials to either scrap the lane or start fresh, reported Streetsblog.

Avila did not immediately comment on whether the agency would improve the existing lanes or work with the Police Department to up enforcement of illegal parking scofflaws by the time of the project’s completion.

And in Queens, Councilmember Jimmy Van Bramer supports a protected bike lane on Crescent Street:

Meanwhile, avid parkers seem to be forming a grassroots movement:

That's interesting use of the words "preserve" and "neighborhood."

Yes, if we don't stop the bike lanes WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE:

Right.  And what if the streets ran red with JELL-O and they couldn't get to me because they couldn't eat their way through in time?

These are the sorts of ridiculous questions that keep us all up at night.

Worst of all, people aren't cycling to Gary Taylor's bar:

Apparently the Queens Boulevard bike lane is still haunted by the ghost of Ben's Best:

Last year, Ben’s Best Deli closed after 73 years in business. Owner Jay Parker blamed the bike lanes. Cycling advocates said it was really because of changing demographics and high prices.

Whatever the reason was, the owners still making a go of it on the boulevard say customers voice their concerns constantly.

“They all complain,” said Raymond Chen, of Sai restaurant.

Of course they all complain, that's what customers do:

Freddy Martinez said clients air their grievances when they are late to an appointment at Presidential Care dental office. Customers with appointments call to say they’re late because they’re looking for a parking spot. And they risk getting a parking ticket on top of hundreds of dollars of dental work.

Oh please, everyone's always late to their dental appointments.  In fact, if Family Feud had a "Things People Are Always Late To" category, "Dental Appointments" would be the number one answer.  This is why your dentist sends you constant automated text reminders now.  Furthermore, "I couldn't find parking" is the oldest excuse in the book, and if they really wanted to be on time they'd ride their bikes to their appointments.

But no business-related bike lane complaint would be complete without unsubstantiated claims of revenue losses:

Several owners told the Chronicle they are losing thousands of dollars. Taylor wonders how things will be in the winter.

“There’s no bikes out here at all,” he said. “And we’re sitting here looking, no business and there’s no bikes. Of course we’re going to get aggravated.”

He added, “People get tired of trying to drive around and find parking.”

People really are getting tired of driving around looking for parking, which is why the city is putting in all these bike lanes.

But won't somebody think of the children?

Taylor recalled how he was in Black Sea Fish and Grill and saw a family walk in while the father was still driving around. Several minutes later, the family walked out.

“I see that, it broke my heart,” Taylor said.

Heartbreaking indeed.

Life is what happens while you're off looking for parking.