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Today will be wet, warm, and windy: Thursday Rain, mainly before 3pm. The rain could be heavy at times. Temperature rising to near 53 by 9am, then falling to around 44 during the remainder of the day. Breezy, with a south wind 16 to 21 mph becoming... Read more
Posted 3 semanas 3 días ago
"It's devastating to hear someone with such a big megaphone complaining about protected bike lanes. If there had been a protected bike lane on Central Park West, my daughter would still be alive today. I haven’t been to New York, but I understand that most residents don’t drive, and that many use bikes for daily transportation. These bike riders need to be protected, just as my daughter needed to... Read more
Posted 4 semanas 2 días ago
There have been many attempts to pass a congestion pricing plan through Albany in the last decade, but there has never been a moment as ripe as this one. With both chambers of the legislature controlled by Democrats and a governor who today came out of the gate calling for a comprehensive congestion pricing program, New York City comes even closer to tackling the dual transportation crises of a... Read more
Posted 1 mes ago
Street safety advocacy group Transportation Alternatives is calling on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to appoint the city’s first-ever “Bike Mayor,” an inter-agency representative who would serve as a liaison between city government and people who ride bikes in the five boroughs. (Petition here) There is no better time than now to appoint a Bike Mayor in New York City: the protected bike... Read more
Posted 1 mes 1 semana ago
After the New York State Senate failed to pass a bill to extend and expand New York City’s life-saving speed camera program in the summer of 2018, New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson put forth remarkable initiative to broker an innovative solution between city and state leaders, renewing the camera program, and protecting countless lives. For his perseverance and ingenuity, Transportation... Read more
Posted 1 mes 3 semanas ago
This morning’s deadly crash, in which a box truck driver killed 21-year-old cyclist Din Rajon on Pitkin Avenue in East New York, marks the fourth traffic fatality involving a bicyclist or pedestrian in Brooklyn this week. On Wednesday a tractor-trailer driver killed 71-year-old Pinchos Kreiner while he was crossing McDonald Avenue in Borough Park. On Tuesday, a van driver killed 57-year-old... Read more
Posted 2 meses ago
Making sure drivers are operating safely and trying to improve drivers' working conditions are not mutually exclusive. That New Yorkers should have to choose between the livelihoods of drivers and safe streets is a false dilemma.  While we strongly commend sincere efforts to improve conditions for taxi workers, Council Member Ruben Diaz Sr.'s move to gut the Taxi and Limousine Commission’s... Read more
Posted 2 meses ago
NEW YORK -- Street safety advocates rallied with elected officials Thursday morning on Canal Street in lower Manhattan to call attention to the safety benefits of congestion pricing. The rally was held near the corner of Forsyth Street, where last month a driver mounted the curb and struck several pedestrians with his minivan, killing one person and injuring six. Charging drivers to enter... Read more
Posted 2 meses 1 semana ago
Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets have gotten to know Senator Peralta well in recent years. Whether through trips to Albany, visits to his district office, or numerous events with students and victims of traffic violence, Senator Peralta’s leadership on safe streets was well established. In 2016, Senator Peralta became the primary Senate sponsor for the EverySchool speed... Read more
Posted 2 meses 3 semanas ago
After more than 14 years with Transportation Alternatives, Paul Steely White will step down from his role as the organization’s executive director next month.  Under White’s leadership, TransAlt’s advocacy resulted in dozens of major victories across New York City, from the launch of Citi Bike and the growth of the city’s network of protected bike lanes, to the expansion of pedestrian plazas and... Read more
Posted 4 meses 1 semana ago