Heeding Calls from Constituents, Senator Golden Asks Majority Leader Flanagan to Reconvene Senate, Vote on Speed Camera Bill

Statement of Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White:
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Senator Marty Golden is calling on Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan to reconvene the Senate to take up Senate Bill 6046-C, which would extend New York City's life-saving speed safety camera program until 2022 and double the number of cameras the City is authorized to deploy. In the last several weeks, Transportation Alternatives, along with family members of those killed by reckless drivers, elected officials and community leaders, has pressured Golden to use his influential position in the Senate to convince Flanagan to bring the Senate back to vote on the measure before the speed camera program expires on July 25, just two weeks from today.

Statement of Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Paul Steely White:

"We're pleased to see that Senator Golden has finally decided to heed the calls of his constituents, victims of traffic violence, and people from across New York City, who have put consistent pressure on him over the last several weeks to use his influence in the Senate to prevent the city's proven speed safety camera program from expiring. The Senator said he believes anything less than an extended and expanded speed camera program would be an 'unacceptable failure.' We couldn't agree more."

"But New Yorkers, of whom the vast majority support expanding the speed safety camera program, will not rest until the the Senate is reconvened and the Republican leadership guarantees a vote on S6046-C, which now has 34 co-sponsors -- three of whom are Republicans. There is more than enough support to get the bill passed and on to Governor Cuomo's desk, but Senator Flanagan needs to let the New York Senate vote their conscience on this life-saving bill. Golden's legacy as an influential senator who prioritizes his constituents' safety depends on his ability to get the job done and convince Senator Flanagan to do the right thing. And we intend to keep the pressure on him until he does."