Brooklyn Activist Committee

You can make real, tangible changes to how streets and sidewalks function in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Activist Committee chooses local campaigns and fights for changes on-the-ground in their neighborhoods, like bike lanes and new pedestrian plazas.

These are the campaigns the Brooklyn Activist Committee chose for 2016. Come to the next Brooklyn Activist Committee Meeting to get involved in making these campaigns a success:

Have an idea about a Brooklyn street that needs improvements? Get involved to connect with a network of local Brooklyn activists who can help you to make change.

Past Victories

Founded in the early nineties, the Brooklyn Activist Committee leads the charge for a world-class bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure in Brooklyn, the borough where bicycling has grown the most. With the support of hundreds of Brooklynites, the Brooklyn Activist Committee members hosted a street rally and a family bike parade in support of the two-way protected bike lane on Prospect Park West, which they helped secure by being an active force in the local community. The recently completed Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway couldn’t have been finished without their help, and the two off-street protected bike lane on Sands Street was built from their blueprint. Most especially, the Brooklyn Activist Committee excels at securing change on the local level: bike lanes, bike racks and bike corrals, from Bay Ridge to Crown Heights to Williamsburg. They are also the proud hosts of the Tour de Brooklyn, a family-friendly 20-mile sightseeing tour of Brooklyn neighborhoods.

Committee Chair

Becca Kaplan and Bahij Chancey, Brooklyn Activist Committee Co-Chairs

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