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Meeker Avenue, one of North Brooklyn’ busiest streets, is an unsafe place for New Yorkers. As the neighborhoods on either side of Meeker Avenue boom with residential and commercial activity, foot and bicycle traffic along the street has increased dramatically. But the corridor remains an unsafe place for everyone who uses it.

We call on the Department of Transportation to study the feasibility of installing protected bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements. Protected bike lanes will ensure that cyclists can move safely along on of North Brooklyn’s main corridors. Pedestrian safety improvements will boost local business by fostering access to the many shops and restaurants dotting Meeker Avenue.

On Meeker Ave the DOT should consider the installation of pedestrian and bicycle amenities to make Meeker Avenue a safer, more inviting retail corridor and neighborhood thoroughfare. Among other traffic calming measures, we would love some combination of the following improvements considered in a study of Meeker Avenue:

  • Leading pedestrian intervals and pedestrian way finding
  • An enhanced and illuminated area underneath the BQE
  • Dedicated and protected bike lanes to provide a safe space for bicycles
  • Other traffic calming measures that make the street a more inviting retail destination while maintaining existing traffic flow

North Brooklyn residents deserve these safety improvements on Meeker Ave. We look forward to making these improvements a reality and to making Meeker Avenue and its surrounding neighborhoods friendly, safe, and economically viable.