Close the 2nd Avenue Gap

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We are working towards the transformation of a vital East Side corridor: Second Avenue. This critical north-south connection is an obvious gap in the existing safe street network since the completion of the 1st Avenue protected bike lane that connects cyclists from Brooklyn to the Bronx, but not the other way around. Heading south on Second Ave, cyclists are left without protected infrastructure on two dangerous gaps between 68th to 59th Streets, and again from 52nd to 34th Streets - right in the heart of Midtown.

In July 2016, Community Board Six approved a Rush Hour Design to protect cyclists between 52nd-43rd Streets, but in July 2017 the Department of Transportation retracted components of the planned infrastructure without community input on a replacement. 

Over the past decade, sections of First and Second Avenue without pedestrian islands and bike lanes have shown six times the number of serious traffic crashes than the rest of the avenues. Busy bridge and tunnel entrances are where people walking and biking need protection most.

Consistent design for Select Bus Service, protected bike lanes and pedestrians will improve safety and business along Second Avenue. According to the DOT, streets with protected bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements lead to a 50 percent reduction in fatalities and injuries for all street users. The East Side deserves a complete connection for walking, biking and riding the M15 bus along the East Side of Manhattan, end to end. It's time to close the Second Avenue Gap!