Give Respect/Get Respect

Give/Get events happen several times a year. T.A. activists join with police officers to educate cyclists and motorists about proper conduct on the road. Activists hand out fake tickets to motorists for a number of activities that endanger cyclists, and pass out multi-lingual educational flyers to wayward cyclists. Meanwhile, the cops hand out real tickets to cars illegally blocking the bike lane.

The three goals of the Give Respect Get Respect campaign:

  1. Educate motorists to share the road — and give cyclists the space we deserve.
  2. Educate cyclists not to ride on the sidewalk, ride in the direction of traffic, not to ride in a way that threatens pedestrians.
  3. Educate Police Officers about the laws that protect cyclists.

Tri-lingual fliers help spread the word for safe cycling:

Give Respect/Get Respect Flyer in PDF format [1.1 MB]

Bicycle Blueprint:

Please see the Cyclists and City Streets section of our Bicycle Blueprint Action Plan for our positions and commentary on: