Transportation Alternatives is one of the nation's leading advocates for pedestrians. Through innovative firsts like the Safe Routes to School and Safe Routes for Seniors programs, T.A. has brought long-overdue attention and resources to New York City's neglected walking environment.

T.A. envisions a city with street design that encourages walking in addition to protecting pedestrian safety. Though everyone--drivers, bicyclists, transit riders--must walk from their front door to their transportation choice, the city's walking environment remains challenging. Excessively wide streets, speeding cars, red-light running, short crossing times, uneven pavements and even errant cyclists endanger pedestrians and are the result of years of automobile-priority policy. Transportation Alternatives is working to position pedestrians once again at the top of New York City's transportation hierarchy, and provide them with the safety and comfort they deserve.

A good walking environment is an essential component of a complete street. Street design, especially at intersections, makes the difference between discouraging or encouraging walking, particularly for more vulnerable users like seniors, children and the disabled. T.A. is working for better design of streets, neighborhood-wide application of traffic calming and greater awareness of walking in improving public health.