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The inside scoop on bicycling in New York and the fight for Vision Zero.

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# Thursday, November 13, 2014
Could Traffic Enforcement Agents help fund Vision Zero? Image courtesy of Andrew Hinderaker.
Vision Zero — the idea that no one should be killed or seriously injured in traffic — is a challenge, no doubt. But some serious experts are generating new ways of thinking about how to tackle that challenge. Tomorrow, at Transportation Alternatives’ Vision Zero for Cities Symposium, we are launching the first-ever nationwide conversation about Vision Zero. Experts in...
# Thursday, November 13, 2014
There are going to be more Citi Bikes than ever, and that means more demand for bike lanes will be coming soon. Image courtesy of John Harris.
Citi Bike is not a new idea, and bike share is as old as the fleet of painted white bikes that pedaled Amsterdam in 1965, before inspiring worldwide imitators. But with some recent alterations to how bike share operates in New York, Citi Bike could have a whole new meaning. Change is already afoot: a man who knows public transit, former MTA Chair Jay Walder, is at Citi Bike’s helm; 6,000...
# Thursday, November 13, 2014
Reimagine Jay Street, published by T.A. in partnership with Street Plans, reports on the community's vision for a crowded street. This illustration, rendered by Carly Clark, is just one idea of how to make Jay Street work for all the New Yorkers who need it. Image courtesy of Street Plans.
Ask a committee to build a horse, and you’re going to get a camel. But, ask a committee of local residents to design a street, and you’re going to get a list of visionary answers to a difficult question: how to make New York City work for the people who use it. Decades of car-centric infrastructure decisions have left Jay Street in Brooklyn a traffic-choked mess. The two-lane...
# Thursday, November 13, 2014

A short list of what you might have missed, and should be reading, this week.

Lofty ideals aside, safe and complete streets rely on activists willing to take a stand. So what can you do about the Clinton Chronicle’s bike beef? Educate yourself on the issues and write a civil and informed letter to the editor. Some New Yorkers have genuine and justified grievances...
# Thursday, October 16, 2014
T.A. activists and members of Families for Safe Streets ask State Assembly Member Crespo to vote “yes,” on a bill to grant the City Council permission to change New York’s speed limit. (He did.) Image courtesy of Cassandra Giraldo.
New York City’s new 25 mph speed limit is just waiting for Mayor de Blasio’s pen (coming Monday!). Is a little ink all it takes to change the city? No way! Making New York City’s speed limit safer took tens of thousands of people writing emails and letters, making phone calls, holding signs at City Hall rallies and even piling onto buses to Albany to convince the New York State Legislature....
# Thursday, October 16, 2014
The Department of Transportation spreads the word with light-up signs. How can you can spread the word?
Telling a whole city, "Hey! The speed limit is now 25 mph!"  would be easy if we had access to a giant bike-powered megaphone or the donated service of a skywriter. Pending that, Transportation Alternatives is going to need your help to get the word out about New York City's new speed limit. Last week, we launched a little slogan contest, and a few hundred people submitted their best...