Alternative Tips For Getting To Work In The Event Of A Transit Strike

China Daily | December 14, 2005


<p>Trying to figure out how you'll get to work if there's a strike? NY1 Tech Beat reporter Adam Balkin filed the following report on how some sites on the internet can help.</p> <p>Call it denial or call it wishful thinking, but it seems many New Yorkers haven't put much serious thought into how they'll get to work in case of a transit strike.</p> <p>If you'd prefer to be a little more prepared, the internet holds many commuting alternatives for you.</p> <p>From the very simple&mdash;you can check out Metro North or LIRR maps, you may be surprised how close some of those trains stop to your home&mdash;to a little bit more complex&mdash;go online to help find ways to drive in by meeting the HOV four-person per car restrictions.</p> <p>There are several carpooling websites. We found two with the majority of listings for our area: and the site that always seems to come through in a pinch,</p> <p>They both let you drill down to specific boroughs. And if you search hard enough, Craigslist even has apartments in Manhattan you can rent for a night if hotels near your office are full.</p> <p>Google Labs, where the online giant tests new concepts, has Google Ride Finder. In the future it's supposed to help you pinpoint the exact locations of cabs near you. Right now though, it just shows some meeting points for a couple of shuttle services.</p> <p>Some folks insists that, even with this ridiculously cold weather, biking may actually be your best option.</p> <p>"The average New York City subway commute is five miles or less, that's very easily bike-able for New Yorkers," says Noah Budnick of Transportion Alternatives.</p> <p>"It takes about a half hour to bike five miles, and that's less time than the average New York City commute."</p> <p>"People should visit our website <a href=""/></a>, we have all the information you need to ride around the city&mdash;links to maps, links to local bike shops or places where you can get your bike repaired or find out where to rent a bike. You can also get tips on riding in traffic," adds Budnick.</p>