Advocates Call on New York State Leaders to Legalize E-Bikes

The bicycles which many workers will rely on to bring food to New Yorkers throughout the pandemic are considered illegal in New York; advocates are calling for the legalization of e-bikes and e-scooters.
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Mayor de Blasio announced this week that restaurants across New York City will be limited to take-out and delivery only for an indefinite period, and that he has instructed the NYPD to suspend enforcement against delivery workers using e-bikes. Statement of Transportation Alternatives Executive Director Danny Harris in response:

“As New York City restaurants are forced to close for dine-in customers, delivery workers will play a critical role in keeping New Yorkers fed during the coronavirus outbreak. These 40,000 workers, many of whom rely on e-bikes, are on the front lines of this crisis, yet their e-bikes remain illegal. Our elected leaders in Albany must legalize e-bikes, the vehicles which have for years allowed delivery workers to complete their rounds, and now, will literally put food on our tables.

New Yorkers owe a huge debt of gratitude to all those stepping up to support our city during this crisis.”