Stand Up Against the Anti-Bicycling Proposal

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011 - 00:00
Stand Up Against the Anti-Bicycling Proposal! Send an e-fax to Councilmember Eric Ulrich to stop his proposal against bicyclists.

As reported by the NY Post, Councilmember Eric Ulrich wants to introduce a draconian anti-bicycling bill that would require all New Yorkers to register their bicycles. Councilmember Ulrich has made bicyclists a scapegoat. His proposal will stop people from riding bicycles and make bicycling less safe. We need your help to stop his plans.

Take action! Send Councilmember Ulrich a fax and stand up against mandatory bicycle registration and Councilmember Ulrich's attack on bicycle riders.

Councilmember Ulrich's registration plan would require every adult to pay for an ID tag and affix it to their bike. This misguided proposal is a waste of City's resources and does nothing to improve safety, cycling or the city.

T.A. needs your help to defeat this attack on bicycling. Stand up for your right to bicycle! Send an e-fax to Councilmember Ulrich now!

Practically speaking, bicycle registration would criminalize bicycling, waste valuable city resources and erect yet another obstacle for those seeking to ride a bike. It would do nothing to improve safety or enforcement, and would even make bicycling less safe by eroding the "safety in numbers" effect. As documented in annual Department of Transportation bicycle and crash counts, bicycle crash rates go down as bicycle riding rates increase. There are sufficient traffic laws on the books, covering drivers, cyclists and commercial cyclists. What's missing from the equation isn't an ID tag, it's the NYPD's participation in enforcement.

Councilmember Ulrich is notedly misguided about the safety of his constituents. Councilmember Ulrich says many of his constituents are senior citizens and that "people on bicycles scare the hell out of them. Sometimes they can be an intimidating presence on the city streets." But for all New Yorkers, and most especially senior citizens, being struck by a motor vehicle is by far the most serious threat on the streets. According to the DMV, in 2009 there were 75,539 automobile crashes in New York City, less than 4 percent of those crashes involved a bicycle. Seniors make up only 12 percent of the NYC population but they account for a whopping 39 percent of the total number of pedestrians killed by cars. Why is Councilmember Ulrich attacking bicycling instead of worrying about the greatest threat to the safety of his constituents?

Councilmember Ulrich's anti-bicycling proposal is an enormous waste of City resources and an attack against every New Yorker who owns a bike now or might ride in the future. Stand up to Councilmember Ulrich's anti-bike proposal now!

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Subject: Real Street Safety, Not Bicycle Registration

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Cc: Council Speaker Quinn, Councilmember Vacca, Mayor Bloomberg

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