Like A Coat Check...for your bike!

T.A. Bike Valet

What is T.A. Bike Valet?

Photo by E. Frossard Bike valet is like a coat check...for your bike! T.A. staff and volunteers set up a secure area of bike racks, and offer free valet service to event goers who arrive by bike. Patrons receive a branded claim ticket and leave their bikes with trained staff. T.A. bike valet brings convenience and peace of mind to event patrons, and provides a secure, orderly site plan for event planners. The service is free to users, and a great, feel-good component to some of New York City’s premiere summer outdoor events.

Is T.A. Bike Valet a free service?

T.A. Bike Valet employs trained part-time staff and involves a lot of coordination and high-quality outreach and education materials. Because of this, we charge a reasonable fee to event organizers, which covers our costs and allows us to offer this affinity-building service free to event patrons. Most of our contracts are covered by third-party sponsors. If you have an event but no budget for T.A. Bike Valet, we can work together to find a sponsor to cover the costs.

Is T.A. Bike Valet right for your event or brand?

Most likely, yes! If you are interested in sponsoring or offering T.A. Bike Valet to patrons at your upcoming concert, street fair, festival, business entrance, or elsewhere, please complete the simple form below and we will be in touch with you soon.

Please note: try to give us at least 30 days notice for new events/partnerships.


















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