Additional Cycling Resources

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Getting Around NYC

Fiboro Bridges:
Take your bike or walk across NYC's bridges

Bikes Aboard:
Taking your bicycle on public transit, including local and regional trains, buses, and ferries.

Where to Park Your Bike:
Listing of Indoor Public Bike Parking Garages

Area Bike Shops and Other Discounted Services:
These shops offer discounts to T.A. Members

NYC Bike Maps Online:
Also includes suburban NYC cycling maps and area transit maps

Rides and Walks:
Calendar of Group Bicycle Rides and Walks in the NYC Metro Area

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Cycling Tips

Guide to Streetwise Cycling in New York City

Bicycle Commuters:
Get advice from bike commuters we have profiled in the T.A. magazine!

Apartment Parking Solutions:
Squeeze a bike into your space-challenged apartment.

The Folding Bike Solution to those standard-frame bike woes!

Getting a Used Bike with no bad Karma!

Bicycle Parking Solutions:
(PDF) A Resource For Installing Indoor Bicycle Parking

How to Survive New York City Cycling:
Nine Classic Rookie Mistakes

Enough Excuses... Let's Bike to Work!

Save Your Bike:
The Ten Commandments of Theft Prevention

Locking Your Bike:
Do's and Don'ts

Locks O' Luck:
Including "Locking Up: What Works, What Doesn't"

Locking Up:
Various techniques

The Brighter Side of Bike Lights:
See and be seen in the dark

Beat the Heat:
Cycling Through the Dog Days

Singing In The Rain:
How to enjoy riding your bike in the rain safe and dry

Spring Cleaning:
Get your bike ready for Spring

Buy a Used Bike:
Includes a list of online resources to buy bikes online

Bicycling tips for beginners: During a transit strike, or anytime!

BikeGuard: Guard against bike theft by registering your bike for free with this free community service initiative by

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Bicycle Advocacy

Bicycle Blueprint:
T.A.'s plan for bringing cycling into the Mainstream of New York

Bicycle Advocacy:
T.A.'s ongoing work for city cyclists

Your Guide to Taking Back NYC Streets!
T.A.'s guide to reporting potholes and dangerous cabbies, requesting bike racks, asking for increased police enforcement, and answers to many other frequently asked questions about biking on New York City streets.

Other Cycling Sites:
Cruise the web for more cycling resources

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Legal Advice

Know Your Rights In An Accident:
An Interview with Attorney Steve Goldman

The Bicyclist's Accident Survival Guide:
Risk and Insurance in New York City

Legal Advice on Accidents:
Including the "pothole" law

Links To Bicycle And Pedestrian Laws:
Links to laws in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

What To Do if You Get Doored:
Dooring is illegal. Know your rights.

What To Do if You Get A Ticket:
You can fight the system ... and win.

How to Void Light and Bell Tickets:
Don't get taken advantage of by the law.

Cycling Lawyers:
Find a lawyer for representation in a cycling injury case

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