Host a Screening

Got a living room? Turn it into a screening room for a night and help educate friends, neighbors and family members about how cities around the world are reclaiming their streets for people, and how New York City has the potential to lead the way, if it has the courage to stand up to the minority of private car drivers.

Here are some ideas for how to structure your screening:

  • An intimate gatherings with friends and family
  • Show the film at a meetings of a clubs, organization or company you are affiliated with
  • Throw a house party and show the movie before, during or after
  • Mix it up and have movie night at your book club
  • Ask your local coffee shop or bar to have a screening on a quiet night
  • Ask your local community center or library if they could have a screening
  • Conferences
  • Community forums
  • Fundraisers
  • High schools, colleges, and universities
  • Local independent theaters that have a DVD projector

Download the following resources for your screening:

I want to host a Contested Streets Screening!

Date of Screening:
Location of Screening (if not in your actual living room):
Expected number of attendees:
Best time to reach you: