Print out this checklist TODAY in case you get doored TOMORROW!

From Transportation Alternatives Magazine, Jan/Feb 1998

At the Scene ASAP

  1. Tell the motorist to stay at the scene until police arrive to take an accident report.
  2. Call (or ask someone to call) 911 and ask for the police and EMS (emergency medical services)
  3. Get name and phone of witness(es) — the more the better. A business card is great. If someone seems friendly, ask for their help; people are often willing to help.
  4. Get name, phone, address, and date of birth of motorist. (They should be waiting with you for cops.) Note: Don’t panic if you do not get all the information. Many times it is retrievable later.
  5. If motorist refuses to stay or provide ID, get his or her license plate number and state of issue.

When the Police Arrive

  1. Request that the police take an accident report (they are required to do so.)
  2. Get reporting officer’s name and badge number, and precinct or command (very important).
  3. If you have been doored, ask officer to summons motorist for dooring. Tell officer it is a violation of NYC Traffic Rules: para. 4-12 C and State VTL Art. 33 Para. 1214. (Important for later legal action.)
  4. If you are hurt, go with EMS to a hospital. Do not hesitate. Also, a doctor’s report of your injury is important for legal action.

After the Crash:

  1. Request an abstract of the driver’s record from the Dept. of Motor Vehicles (DMV). There is a fee of $5 to $10 and you’ll need the driver’s full name and date of birth. Call 518-474-0841. The abstract should have details of the driver’s history of accidents, summonses, convictions, and license suspensions for the last four years.
  2. Put the crash in the driver’s record: File an MV 104 with the NYS DMV. Fill out this form, available at DMV offices, noting injury and property damage.
  3. Photograph your wounds/injuries if appropriate. Use a decent camera in good light.
  4. Call a lawyer. Decide now whom you will call and write it here.

    Name: ____________________________________

    Phone #:__________________________________

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