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Week of March 31, 2003


The business of government and everyday life continues despite the war in Iraq. Here in New York City, the mayor and his commissioners continue to grapple with an enormous budget deficit and the  threat of terrorism. Meanwhile, the MTA has announced that, due to soaring interest payments and predicted cuts in state and city aid, it may have to implement another fare hike in addition to the one scheduled to go into effect in May. 

Read on for T.A.'s campaign for life-saving red light and speed cameras, Manhattan Bridge dangers, plus GM on public transit riders.

Help NYC Get More Red Light Cams and Speed Cams

Tell Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senate Leader Joe Bruno to pass this lifesaving legislation

There is overwhelming evidence that red light cameras and speed cameras make streets safer. To their credit, Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Transportation are renewing their efforts to get the state legislature to pass new laws allowing NYC to expand its successful red light camera program from 50 to 150 cameras and to install up to ten automatic speed enforcement cameras.

Silver Bruno

Act now. Fax them both a message to make NYC streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Send a fax to both Silver and Bruno using the form below or modify it as you see fit. If your e-mail program does not support forms, visit


Dear State Senate Majority Leader Bruno and Assembly Speaker Silver:

Street address:
State: Zip:

Please include your full contact information so that your message will be treated as official correspondence! Your message will be faxed to both Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senate Leader Joseph Bruno and e-mailed to Transportation Alternatives. If your e-mail program does not support forms, please visit this page online:

You may also e-mail Silver and Bruno at and

Read more about red light cameras and speed cameras.

Huge British Study Shows Speed Cameras Save Lives

British Transport Secretary Alistair Darling announced in February that deaths and serious injuries fell by 35% in Britain on roads with speed cameras in operation. He heralded the life saving benefits of the devices:

"Speed cameras are working. 

Download Full Study

Speeds are down and so are deaths and injuries. It is quite clear that speeding is dangerous and causes too much suffering. I hope this reinforces the message that speed cameras are there to stop people speeding and make the roads safer. If you don't speed, you won't get a ticket."

Key Findings on Speed Cameras

  • There was a 35% reduction in people killed or seriously injured at camera sites (about 280 people).
  • There was a 14% reduction in personal injury accidents at camera sites (about 510 fewer accidents).
  • There was a 56% reduction in the number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured at camera sites.

The independent report was commissioned by the Road Safety Division of the Department for Transport and produced by University College London and PA Consulting Group. 

For more evidence in favor of speed cameras, see T.A.'s 2000 report, "Slowing Speeds, Saving Lives".


New York State Assembly Transportation Chair David Gantt on Speed Cameras

During last year's legislative campaign for speed cameras, the Daily News, which editorialized in favor of the cams, interviewed Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman David Gantt (D-Rochester) about his opposition:

"I am hesitant to expand photo-radar cameras beyond the existing N.Y.C. red light demonstration project due to concerns about motor vehicle operator privacy, the appropriateness of citing motor vehicle owners rather than operators, the slippery slope attendant to using machines to enforce traffic laws rather than people, and the adequacy of law enforcement staffing levels."

Briefing materials supplied to Gantt by the NYC DOT and Transportation Alternatives clearly demonstrate that speed and red light cameras like those in use in NYC and Britain take pictures of only the vehicle's license plate. And, even if they take a picture of the driver's face, the cameras are triggered only when a motorist runs a red light or speeds. In Gantt's world, it seems that law breaking motorists are entitled to a special privacy right not available to the rest of society, given that it is now common practice to videotape--and even use facial recognition technology--in public spaces? Moreover, NYC already has issued more than a million tickets to vehicle owners using red light camera technology without a public outcry over the fairness of issuing the penalty to the vehicle owners rather than the vehicle driver committing the crime. Indeed, the January 10th, 2002 issue of Car and Travel reports that 89% of NY State AAA members support red light cameras.

As to Gantt's "slippery slope attendant to using machines to enforce traffic laws rather than people," the man has got it backwards. Red light cameras don't engage in racial profiling and they don't harass women traveling alone late at night. In fact, they are utterly unbiased and fair. H'mm, perhaps this is exactly the problem for legislators and other VIPs who are used to getting away with speeding and light running.

Read more about red light cameras and speed cameras.

Report Shows One Million Red Lights Run Each Day in NYC

This statistic is staggering: motorists run 1.23 million red lights in New York City every workday. According to a 2000 report by then NYC (and now NY State) Comptroller Alan Hevesi, the worst intersection for red light running in Manhattan is 79th Street and Madison Avenue, and the five worst intersections in Brooklyn are close to schools. 

So who is running all those red lights? Not taxis. They account for only 2% of the violations (14% in Manhattan). The vast majority of violators are passenger vehicles, and they overwhelmingly have in-state license plates (98%). According to Hevesi, other cities are taking red light runners head on. For NYC to equal Washington D.C.'s coverage, it would need 338 red light cameras. To equal San Diego, 251. New York City currently has 50 red light cameras.

Download the full report.

T.A. Poll:
Speeding and Red Light Enforcement in NYC

All polls are anonymous. If your e-mail program does not support forms, simply visit this page online to participate in this poll:

SAFETY ALERT: Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge Remains Dangerous for Cyclists and Pedestrians

The DOT Must Act to Make it Safer

When the Manhattan Bridge opened to cyclists and pedestrians in June 2001, dangerous traffic conditions existed on both sides of the bridge. 

Manhattan side of Manhattan Bridge

T.A. implored the DOT in numerous letters and through member postcard campaigns to do something. They did, but only on the Manhattan side, where the DOT installed a flashing red light, stop signs and a stop bar. But the agency has done nothing to improve safety on the Brooklyn side of the bridge, where traffic is much heavier and the dangers to cyclists and pedestrians greater. Some observers feel it is another example of the DOT putting cyclists and pedestrian safety second to traffic flow. This would be ironic given that traffic flow is already terrible on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge and it is hard to imagine how bike/ped safety improvements could make it worse.

Despite the dangers, cycling use of the bridge has skyrocketed since the DOT conducted its safety evaluation of the bridge in August 2001. The number of cyclists  crossing the Manhattan Bridge between 7  and 10 am on an average August day has increased from 11 to 152. It's time for the DOT to re-evaluate bicycle and pedestrian access to the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge and take action to make it safer.

The DOT should install a "yield to cyclists" sign and flashing amber light here on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge to alert bridge traffic to the presence of cyclists.

What GM Thinks About Public Transit Riders

Advertisement appearing in the Georgia Straight, a Vancouver, British Columbia publication

Winter 2003 T.A. Magazine  
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Selected articles

Ban Car Alarms in NYC Now!  

Colored Bike Lanes: Perfect for NYC

NJ Pedestrians Told to Wave Flags

Bumpy New Path Across the Williamsburg Bridge

Early Success for London's Big Pricing Experiment

Death Imminent on Manhattan Bridge

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