Be a Bicycling Ambassador During the RNC

Now is a great time use your bike to travel around the city. In fact, the Mayor's office and the City DOT are actively encouraging New Yorkers to avoid RNC-induced traffic snarls by riding their bikes.

It is no secret that the authorities and New Yorkers in general will be extra sensitive to everyone traveling near the convention locations next week. A lot of people will be watching.

Accordingly, T.A. encourages all bicyclists to act as cycling ambassadors during the convention. Whether you commute to work, go out for spin around town or ride in a protest event, the best way to demonstrate that bicycling is a vital part of New York City's transportation system is to ride lawfully and courteously.

Set an example for the many new people who will take up bicycling during the convention; it is the best way to encourage them to stick with bicycling after the convention is over.

Please also keep in mind that in the coming days the New York Police Department will be particularly responsive to illegal riding (especially during group rides). Study your rights and responsibilities at

Have a good ride!

Lots of New Yorkers are planning to commute by bicycle during the RNC:

Cycling Maps:

Street closures and access around Madison Square Garden during the RNC (August 30-September 2): 

Quick on the Draw:
Letter Writers tell Port Authority that George Washington Bridge Bicycling/Walking Path is Necessary Link

Thank you to the many people who have written to the Port Authority and your elected officials about the overnight closure of the George Washington Bridge bicycling and walking path. Transportation Alternatives has been in discussions with the Port Authority and local groups in New York and New Jersey to try to reduce the number of hours the bridge is closed to walkers and bicyclists, and ultimately reopen the bridge overnight. Your letters help demonstrate the importance of this path as a link for walkers and cyclists. It is not too late to send a letter if you have not already done so.

To read more about this issue:

Volunteer at T.A.'s
NYC Century Bike Tour and Make Someone's Day

Canít ride in the NYC Century Bike Tour this year? Volunteer instead! We need volunteers on Sunday, September 12th to help at rest stops throughout the city as well as set-up and clean-up stations. Volunteers receive a free t-shirt, snacks and the appreciation of over 4,500 riders who count on our volunteers to check them in, keep them fed and watered, and point them in the right direction. E-mail to sign up today!  Visit for a list of available opportunities.