Outdoor Bike Parking

It’s not an internet hoax: many cylindrical-keyed bicycle locks can be opened with plastic pen casings

September 16, 2004
This applies to all “Kryptonite” brand (including “New York” locks) made after August 2002, at least some “On Guard” models and other locks with cylindrical keys.

According to some NYC bike shops, newer Kryptonite brand locks with key numbers beginning with "KK" can be opened with plastic pen casings, though locks with NBA and EGH series keys (made before August 2002) appear to be safe.

Locks with flat keys cannot be opened with plastic pen casings.

December 4, 2004

A new report, Improving Outdoor Bike Parking and Policy in New York City, released by Transportation Alternatives highlights the need for the City of New York to install more outdoor bike racks, affirm New Yorkers’ right to lock their bicycles to public street signposts, lampposts and other public street fixtures and institute rational citywide policies on identifying, tagging, removing and, if need be, returning abandoned bicycles.

The full report is available at www.transalt.org/campaigns/bike/outdoor.html.

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