Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

October 5th, 2017: Into Thin Air

We're looking at 80 degrees today:


Thursday Partly sunny, with a high near 80. West wind 9 to 11 mph.

Thursday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 65. Southwest wind 6 to 9 mph becoming northwest after midnight.

Sunrise: 6:57am

Sunset: 6:31pm

And between the weather and the expansion Citi Bike officially hit 50 million trips yesterday:

If that seems huge, consider Mobike and Ofo in China see 50 million in a single day:

50 mil

It's easy to feel like an outlier when you're fighting for every inch of cycling infrastructure or a driver is squeezing you into the curb, but the simple fact is that a lotta people on this planet ride bikes.

Meanwhile, out on the street, there were reports of construction vehicles in the Cherry Walk section of the Hudson River Greenway:

As well as at least one oil slick:

Show me a rider who has not fallen victim to an oil slick or some garbage water at least once and I'll show you someone who has not been riding in this town very long.

Hey, could have been worse, the rider could have been on a tall bike:

Five and a half feet is a long way to fall:

five and a half

Then again, while at first blush the tall bike may seem more hazardous than its more vertically sensible siblings, is it really?  For example, consider dooring:


Maybe it's better to be up high when a heedless driver flings a door open in your path since all you need to do is bail out onto the roof.

Then there's the improved sight lines:


Sure, he may be salmoning, but since he can see all the way to the New Jersey Palisades does it really matter?

Indeed, like the giraffe who can nibble those choice leaves while the rest of us subsist on grass, the tall bike rider has evolved to utilize a different and more rarefied strata of the urban environment:


You could also rest your coffee up there if you were so inclined:

signal 1

And while it may be tempting to decry the scofflaw behavior riding a tall bike necessitates, perhaps the sheer height of the thing transcends the written law.

And anyway, they'd need a stepladder to him to give him a ticket.