Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

September 8th, 2017: Your Weekend Forecast

An ideal Friday:

sept 8

Friday Mostly sunny, with a high near 74. West wind 6 to 13 mph.

Friday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 58. Northwest wind 9 to 11 mph.

Sunrise: 6:30am

Sunset: 7:16pm

Followed by an ideal weekend:

september 9 10

And hey, look at that, the NYC Century is this Sunday!


Register now while you still can, and remind yourself what an incredible city you live in:

bridge 1

As for the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast:

brooklyn brewery

It may still be summery outside, but it's time to shift into autumn mode with the Oktoberfest, which should go down easy after Sunday's big ride:

8 shelf Oktoberfest-12oz-LR original

With a last bit of summer weather giving way to cooler nights, we’re finally ready to start drinking our Oktoberfest. A traditional märzen-style lager, Oktoberfest features the right balance of caramel- and dark bread-forward malts for the lower temperatures ahead, but maintains a smooth, crisp lager finish that is more than welcome after a sweaty ride. Plus, once you’re done riding for the day, you can bust out the big stein.

By the way, that's "big stein" as in the thing you drink from, not this guy:

134949249 l

(Big Stein's ready to party.)

Moving on, the first day of school was yesterday, and if you've ever participated in a pick-up or drop-off you know that all the parental triple-parking and the ensuing traffic can be rather frustrating.  No doubt you've also figured out that one of the best ways to spare yourself that frustration is to get there by bike.  So while this tweet would be stupid on any day of the year, yesterday it seemed especially inane:

Yes, yes you are.  There's really only one thing to say to that:

And of course this failure to comprehend the sheer practicality of schlepping children by bicycle is not limited to our friends across the Atlantic, and still I remember when Andrew Kaczynski, late of Buzzfeed and now of CNN, tweeted this a couple of Septembers back:

That's someone's kid, so I admit I got a little testy:

Anyway, hopefully one day people will get over their hangups regarding carrying kids by bike and school drop-offs will stop resembling police raids, which is basically how they operate now.  

Finally, speaking of the oppressive presence of large vehicles, there's now a class action lawsuit against UPS for blocking the bike lane:

Alex Bell, the person spearheading it, has been fighting to get the brown outta the green since at least 2015:


He's also invented a bike:

Perhaps UPS drivers will agree to ride these as part of the settlement.