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May 11th, 2017: Isn't Every Day Bike to Work Day?

The weather winning streak continues:

thurs forecast

Thursday Mostly sunny, with a high near 63. North wind 6 to 9 mph becoming east in the afternoon.

Thursday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 49. East wind 5 to 8 mph.

Sunrise: 5:43am

Sunset: 8:43pm

Which means conditions will be ideal for Global Bike to Work Day:

Or, as you know it if you're already a regular bike commuter, "Thursday."

Global Bike to Work Day should not be confused with National Bike to Work Day, which is a week from this Friday:

bike to work

Or with International Hummus Day, which is this Friday:


How to Participate

  • Eat hummus on May 13th for breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Organize or join an event during Hummus Day.
  • Tweet/Instagram using the hashtag #hummusday
  • Follow our Facebook page.
  • Join our Facebook Group
  • Add your hummus place to the Hummus Map

Eat hummus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  Seems like on International Hummus Day you should eat hummus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

As for Global Bike to Work Day, since it's presented by Strava there has to be a winner, and the current leader is apparently Matt Peterson of Rockingham, Australia:


Whose rather roundabout "commute" was apparently 119km long, took three and a half hours, and had a "suffer score" of 95:



Of course, during Bike Month every day is bike somewhere day, and yesterday that somewhere was school:

Kids riding to school on Bike to School Day is great, but what's even better is kids riding to school the day after Bike to School Day, so hopefully a few of them stick with it.

Perhaps a Wheelie to School Day will get them motivated.

Even better would be a Don't Drive Your Kids to School Day, because as it is getting anywhere near a school on a bike is nearly impossible.

Anyway, it's important kids learn cycling self-sufficiency now, because the future of transit in this town is looking increasingly dystopian:


Does it seems like these day-ruining, job-losing, money-wasting delays have been happening far more often than they used to? That’s because they have. According to the MTA’s own data, subway delays are up more than 332% since 2012, a staggering breakdown in reliability. At the same time, the man responsible for funding the MTA, Governor Andrew Cuomo, has been playing games with the agency's funding, reducing the total amount of money committed to the subways, while also withholding large amounts of promised money to the its capital plan.

Even if you're not a full-time bike commuter there is no more convenient tool for filling in the gaps in the transit system than a bicycle.

For example, if your train's been stuck in the station for 20 minutes and you're sick of hearing the "We are being held momentarily by the train dispatcher" announcement, you may be able to hop on a Citi Bike for the rest of your trip.

A boat, on the other hand, is unlikely to be of much help:

Mayor de Blasio, who has no real power over the MTA, besides contributing a handful of its board members and almost 70% of its operating budget, was off touting his brand new ferry system this morning, which will do almost nothing to alleviate subway overcrowding.

Which is why the city needs to throw some money to Citi Bike already.

Scattering bikes all over town may be our only hope.