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September 11th, 2017: No Good Reason Indeed

Today will be yet another ideal riding day:


Monday Sunny, with a high near 78. North wind around 6 mph.

Monday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 60. Calm wind.

Sunrise: 6:33am

Sunset: 7:11pm

Nevertheless, between the shorter days and the reopening of Prospect Park to cars it's getting harder and harder to hold onto the idea of summer:

I don't know why they can't leave it closed to cars while they analyze the data--and apparently neither does anyone else:


Whatever the traffic study may reveal, two things are already clear: Motor traffic through the park had already dwindled to a small number of cars, and there is no vocal opposition to keeping the loop car-free.

No Brooklyn Paper articles bemoaning the supposed negative impact on traffic and highlighting opposition. No Change.org petitions calling on DOT and the Parks Department to reverse their decision.

Shhh!  Don't give them any ideas!

Somewhere, a flickering lightbulb is appearing over Denis Hamill's head.

The weather was also perfect for the NYC Century last weekend:

And for thousands it was transcendent:

Though there was one extremely dark cloud:


This is the first year that a serious collision has occurred since the inaugural Century Bike Tour in 1990, according to Samponaro.

"Right now our focus is very much on victims and their families and doing what we can to make sure investigation is thorough," she added. "It was a beautiful day, people are out enjoying it on two wheels and there's simply no excuse for this. It's devastating."

Police have charged the driver with vehicular assault, driving while ability impaired and unlicensed operation, but no punishment can undo what he did, nor can it mitigate the tragic absurdity of a motor vehicle licensing system which basically leaves everything up to the honor system.

If only starting a car had half as many safeguards as streaming HBO then maybe this killer wouldn't have been able to kill.

Unfortunately our relationship with danger remains twisted, and teenagers on bikes elicits far more outrage than our broken motor vehicle system:


STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Tackling the teen biker phenomenon has become a team effort between the community and law enforcement officials.

And the collaboration seems to be stemming the tide.

"It was a lot worse earlier in the year," said Capt. Kenneth Noonan, the commanding officer of the 123rd Precinct. "When there are arrests, it seems to stop the rideouts."

Hey, I'm sure they're doing plenty of stupid stuff (they are teenagers after all), but isn't it possible that on balance the "teen biker phenomenon" is a good one, and that it's something to foster rather than tackle?  I've encountered these rides around the city and found them a lot less jarring than, say, the 9/11 motorcycle ride I was engulfed by in Brooklyn yesterday.  Plus, the videos completely fail to horrify me:

Disrupting the traffic?

It looks like they are the traffic.

So who's disrupting who?