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September 12th, 2017: Recipe for Disaster

Today looks be yet another in a relentless series of beautiful days:

sept 12

Tuesday Mostly sunny, with a high near 84. Light and variable wind becoming west 5 to 7 mph in the afternoon.

Tuesday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 59. Southwest wind 3 to 7 mph.

Sunrise: 6:34am

Sunset: 7:10pm

So make sure you ride today, because it's not gonna last:


Also, make sure you vote!  Sure, you may still be traumatized from that time you walked into a voting booth back in November, but depending on where you live your vote could make all the difference in making sure a candidate with the Good Streetskeeping Seal of Approval either gets into or stays in office.


By all accounts, tomorrow's primary looks to be a low-turnout affair, which means that your vote for safe, complete and livable streets, and reliable, efficient and affordable transit, can really, truly help sway a Council race.

Moving on, please refrain from throwing your phone or other handheld device at the nearest wall after reading this:

citi bike

The driver then turned right, hitting the cyclist, according to witnesses said.

"When the light turned green and she thought she had the go ahead, he hit her," said Saquan Ross, 24.

The driver and the woman began shouting at each other afterwards, witnesses said.

"You came out of nowhere! You were in my blind spot," the driver shouted at her, according to Lydia Diaz, 54, who was behind the truck at the time.

The cyclist just kept shouting, "You hit me, you hit me," Diaz said.

Yes, this morning as you're brushing your teeth, having your coffee (or vice versa), and otherwise going through your usual routine with both feet planted very squarely in the physical plane, just stop for a moment and consider that as you make your way around town there are thousands of drivers out there ready to claim that you somehow "came out of nowhere."  Then, as you pat yourself down and reassure yourself that you are in fact a solid and not some sort of free-roaming vapor, ask yourself how claiming someone "came out of nowhere" is an acceptable excuse and not an admission of guilt.

Oh, and if your phone's still intact, keep your hands behind your back when you read the Post's account because you're definitely going to want to hurl it then:

“Her right leg had two holes in it, and you could see the bone coming out,” said witness Lydia Diaz, 54.

“She kept yelling at the driver ‘You hit me! You hit me!’ He kept yelling, ‘Where did you come from? I had the right of way.’ She was not in the bike lane.”

Diaz said the truck driver was so shaken up that he had to be given oxygen.

Yes, glad he got the help that he needed, because no driver should ever have to look at that.

As for what happened, it appears the cyclist was traveling eastbound on W. 30th Street, and then the driver right-hooked her:

As for the "she was not in the bike lane," according to the NYC bike map there's a "conventional bicycle lane" on W. 30th between 7th and 8th that becomes a "shared lane" (aka sharrows) at 7th:


And while I haven't been down there to check it out yet (though I may try this evening as I have to go to midtown god help me), according to the streetview, as you approach 7th Avenue and the spot where the collision occurred, the bike lane...


...becomes a right turn lane full of police vehicles:

30th a


Wait for it...

Right across 7th Avenue is the NYPD Citywide Traffic Task Force:

nypd citywide traffic task force

Complete with all that neighborly sidewalk parking we all know and love:

sidewalk parking

Of course I'm piecing all this together remotely from my blogging chair at the moment so take all this for what it's worth, but start with a street with a vanishing bike lane, season it with plenty of haphazard NYPD parking, and the result is a bunch of confused road users and a cyclist with a mangled leg.

Vision Zero indeed.

Speaking of irony, we all know what happened at the Century Sunday, and meanwhile the state police were ticketing cyclists for riding over the Marine Parkway Bridge:

I'd say that when it comes to enforcement the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, but I'm pretty sure it does, and what it's usually doing is ticketing cyclists.