Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

October 13th, 2017: Your Weekend Forecast

Another cool day today


Friday Mostly cloudy, with a high near 65. Northeast wind around 11 mph.

Friday Night A chance of drizzle or light rain, mainly after 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 61. East wind 6 to 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Sunrise: 7:05am

Sunset: 6:18pm

And it's getting dark early so don't forget those lights:

If you were looking forward to some crisp autumnal weather this weekend for that upstate leaf-peeping spin then sorry, it's going to get hot again:


Which is why your Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast calls for...

Snapshot 10:12:17, 4:43 PM



A Friday the 13th falling two weeks before Halloween usually puts us in the mood for a spooky fall beer, but with another hot weekend coming up, we’re aiming a bit lighter. We’re recommending Pilsner instead for this weekend. Its pleasantly snappy finish will make you remember brisk fall days of the past, and it’s smooth and tasty for post-ride rejuvenation.

Pilsner also goes well with pickles if you opt for this guided Lower East Side infrastructure showcase:

Or you could always treat yourself to an art-and-beer tour through Astoria thanks to Citi Bike's latest expansion.  In fact some bike blogger has even mapped out a lovely route for you:


Not too shabby:

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And if that's not enough Queens for you then on Monday you can experience the excitement of counting cyclists on the Queensboro Bridge!

DL9- 7fWkAMj2OR

We all know the pedestrian and bike path over the Queensboro Bridge is too crowded. Now it's time to gather counts to support our experiences. Join TA Queens Committee and its #MoreSpaceQBB campaign this Monday for AM and PM Rush Hour counts of bike/ped/car traffic over the Queensboro Bridge. We'll be counting pedestrians and bikes over the North Outer Roadway and cars over the South Outer Roadway. Which lane currently moves more people? Let's find out!

Time to open that south outer roadway:

Snapshot 10:12:17, 7:03 PM

Speaking of Citi Bike, I was riding one recently in the 6th Avenue bike lane when sirens sounded behind me.  Dutifully I pulled over as the NYPD continued briskly along:

IMG 0408

Naturally I was happy to do so as they were clearly responding to a call and 6th Avenue was heavy.  In fact I thought about anti-bike lane arguments like this one:

And it occurred to me that this bike lane was dramatically increasing their response time.  Of course the Deitl-dumbs of the world would probably counter that it's the bike lane that's causing the traffic in the first place, but if you think there wasn't traffic on 6th Avenue before the lane you should probably drink some tire sealant because there's a slow leak in your brain.

Considerably less welcome was this attempted intrusion further downtown:

IMG 0399

Fortunately I was able to fend him off with the heft of my Citi Bike.

Nice try.