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August 15th, 2017: Cease and Desist

Weatherwise, anything could happen out there today:

aug 15 2017

Tuesday A chance of showers, with thunderstorms also possible after 1pm. Cloudy, with a high near 80. Southeast wind 3 to 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Tuesday Night Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly clear, with a low around 71. South wind around 5 mph becoming calm in the evening.

Sunrise: 6:07am

Sunset: 7:54pm

Same thing goes for life on the bike:

Make sure you read the entire thread.  Here's a snippet:


You're at your most vulnerable both physically and emotionally after you've been hit by a driver, and yet in order to deal with the NYPD you've got to have the wherewithal and presence of mind of a courtroom attorney.

Meanwhile, dockless bike share company Spin is backing off after receiving a cease and desist letter from the DOT:


Spin, the dockless bike share company that announced they would be suddenly debuting their bikes in New York City on Monday, agreed to postpone operations in New York after getting a cease and desist letter from the Department of Transportation.

In a statement to reporters, a spokesperson from Spin thanked elected officials from Queens including Council Member Eric Ulrich and state Senator Jospeh Addabbo, Jr. for their support, but agreed to postpone what they said was a planned "pop-up demonstration" of their bikes in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Rockaway.

You may remember Eric Ulrich from back in 2011 when he proposed a form of mandatory bike registration:


Eric Ulrich (R-Queens) says he is floating the proposal — which would require a small fee — because “there seems to be a double standard when it comes to enforcing the traffic laws. Bicycles are involved in accidents, unfortunately, across this city.” 

He added that many cyclists don’t have identification on them if they get into an accident because “they’re in Spandex or whatnot.”

Ah yes, if only there were some way to store small items in cycling jerseys...

ATD Mens Sleeveless BikeJersey Pocket

He also pronounced himself a bicycle-ticketing skeptic at the time:

I have never, never seen a cop car pull over a bicyclist for running through a red light. I wish they would, because those are the ones who are creating problems every day in the city. If these people are not obeying traffic laws, they should be held accountable

I've never seen a squirrel give birth, but that doesn't mean it isn't happening.

Anyway, now here he is six years later going on protest rides:

And decrying the lack of citywide bike share:

So what's the deal?  In 2011 he said "people on bicycles scare the hell out of" his constituents, and he was having nightmares about bike lanes.  Now he says bike share is "the future" and he wants it in his district:


Ulrich believes that bike sharing represents the future, and companies like Spin — which currently operates in Seatlle, Dallas and is looking to expand — can help to fill the void in areas like the Rockaways, which have been historically underserved when it comes to transportation options.

Is he suddenly pro-bike, or does he just want to spite the De Blasio administration?  It's sort of like how Cuomo is now pro-congestion pricing after De Blasio said he was against it and wanted to tax rich people instead:

Now, with the city’s subways in crisis — with daily delays increasingly common and its equipment in dire condition — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who once doubted that congestion pricing would gain any traction in the state, is planning to resurrect the idea and will expend political capital to see it succeed.

Ours is a city that runs on spite.

Finally, further to yesterday's post, I'm sorry to report that the "bicycles are the greatest threat to public safety humanity has ever faced" movement now has its poster child:


Charlie Alliston, then aged 18, was said to be going nearly 20mph when he mowed down Kim Briggs as she crossed Old Street, east London, on 12 February last year. The 44-year-old mother of two was on her lunch break when the crash happened.

Alliston was riding a “fixie”, a fixed-gear track bicycle with no front brake, which is not legal on the road without modification.

He allegedly shouted at Briggs to “get out of the way” twice before their heads smashed together. Briggs suffered brain injuries including two skull fractures and died a week later.

After seeing a newspaper report about the incident, Alliston posted a comment online claiming he tried to warn her but she had “ignored” him and “stopped dead” in his path.

He wrote: “I feel bad due to the seriousness of her injuries but I can put my hand up and say this is not my fault.”

The first time I read this I was struck by the horrible quotes, but reading it again I'm now also stricken by his age.

Many of us have careened about wildly when we were younger in one way or another, but the difference is that most of us were lucky enough to miss.