Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

March 8th, 2018: The Day After

Warmish and sunny today, but it's a slushy mess out there:

Thursday weather

Thursday Partly sunny, with a high near 41. Wind chill values between 25 and 30. West wind 13 to 15 mph.

Thursday Night A 20 percent chance of snow. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 31. Wind chill values between 25 and 30. West wind 11 to 14 mph.

Sunrise: 6:19am

Sunset: 5:55pm

As of yesterday evening when the storm was at peak intensity the Bike Forecast Chopper revealed a tourist-free Brooklyn Bridge:

Brooklyn Bridge

Quiet on the Manhattan Bridge bike path (which appears to have been receiving some visits from Mr. Plow):

Manhattan Bridge

And bike tracks in the snow at Queens Plaza:

Queens Plaza

On the west side, bike traffic appeared to be of the commercial variety:

West Side

Though in the run-up to the storm plenty of people were squeezing in Citi Bike trips:

Regional transit was a mess:

But that didn't stop dinner:


Expect a big mess if you choose to ride today, and while historically the East River crossings are clear in the aftermath of a snowstorm you can expect many greenway sections (particularly those lying uptown) to be difficult or impassable.  The GWB sidewalk was also closed yesterday so be sure to check the status if you plan to attempt it:

Moving on, families will march in Brooklyn on Monday for safer streets in the wake of the tragedy on 9th Street:

And on Saturday March 10th there will be rally at Union Square for a Bike Messenger's Union:

Meanwhile, here's how they do it in Paris:

Subsidies on the table include: up to €400 ($495) for e-bike purchases; €600 ($744) toward both electric and conventional cargo bikes; and €400 for residents who upgrade their conventional bikes with electrical assists. Each subsidy applies to only one bike per person.

The city will also offer €600 for residents who get rid of their personal cars. Furthermore, any Parisian obtaining their driver’s license will also get a €50 ($62) credit toward Vélib', the city’s bike-share program.


If you think about it, the timing's perfect.  Anne Hidalgo's term as mayor of Paris is six years long, and it began in 2014.  That means once it ends she's got two years to set up residency here.  In other words, here's what I'm saying:


Hey, pourqoi pas?

But sure, it's important to remember how dangerous ebikes are, especially when private garbage haulers are driving into subway stations:

I'm not sure I'm impressed by the level of this company's attention to detail:

garbage truck

Oh, and the driver ran away:

According to police, the driver of the garbage truck fled the scene and has not been arrested.

Authorities were waiting for a tow truck that can carry heavier loads to remove the garbage truck.

I'm sure the truck will be there as soon as they get an even bigger truck to extract it from the Dunkin' Donuts.