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April 9th, 2018: Good Morning Bike Users

Sorry, still cold:

Monday Weather

Monday Partly sunny, with a high near 47. Wind chill values between 30 and 40 early. Northwest wind around 6 mph becoming southwest in the afternoon.

Monday Night A chance of rain and snow, mainly after 1am. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 38. South wind 5 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Sunrise: 6:27am

Sunset: 7:29pm

But while it may not quite feel like spring it's here nonetheless.  That means street milling and paving:

Here's [PDF] the schedule for Manhattan:


It also means ticketing, which was happening at Houston and Chrystie last Friday:

Of course they'll say they're doing it for your safety, and the only group who's looking out for us more vigilantly than the NYPD is the auto industry:

World's Safest Bike

Creating a high-tech bicycle might not seem like the most obvious way to promote the safety features on a new car—but that’s just what a Toyota affiliate and agency 22squared did to help peddle the new Camry.

Southeast Toyota Distributors—which supplies dealers in five U.S. states—and the Atlanta-based agency teamed up with New York-based Priority Bicycles to create the prototype, which includes extra sensors to detect objects that are dangerously close, and alert the rider through a multi-colored light panel (green is safe, yellow is dicey, red is danger).

Hey, at least it's better than when Volvo wanted us to spraypaint ourselves:

It’s not the first automotive campaign, though, to extend a car brand’s safety message into the cycling category. In 2015, Volvo and Grey London created Life Paint—a reflective safety spray that could be used to help riders and their bicycles light up in headlights at night—distributing some 2,000 cans to local bike shops.

That was fun.

Anyway, here's the bike in action:

After a thrilling opening sequence featuring high-risk situations such as speeding through crosswalks and dodging babies:


We meet the "world's safest bike," which is somewhere under all those wires:

Safest Bike

Not only is it equipped with baby-detecting LIDAR:


But it also incorporates everybody's favorite automotive safety feature, the horn:


No offense intended to the good people at Priority Bicycles, but the car horn is perhaps the most antisocial form of communication ever devised, and if you're going to put one on a bike you might as well also add an alarm that goes off every night at 3:47am and wakes up everybody in the building.

Finally, a coalition of NIMBYs is suing to stop the L train shutdown plan, and Arthur "We Have A Yuba Parked In Front Of Our House" Schwartz keeps trying to convince people he doesn't hate bikes.  Indeed, in addition to the aforementioned Yuba, he also identifies as a "bike user":


That's a new one.  Usually they claim to be "avid cyclists" before explaining why they're against bike lanes.

I'd love to know his idea of a well-planned bike lane.  Presumably it's one no less than 100 miles from his home.