Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

August 10th, 2018: Your Weekend Forecast

The week ends like it started:


Friday Sunny, with a high near 87. West wind 3 to 6 mph. 

Friday Night A 30 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 73. Southwest wind around 5 mph becoming calm after midnight.

Sunrise: 6:01am

Sunset: 8:01pm

And so far the weekend's looking like it could be wet:


So the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast calls for...

Brooklyn Brewery

Defender IPA!


With the dog days of summer properly upon us, we’re turning to Defender IPA for relief. Bright, tropical hop aromas punch through humidity, the clean bitter edge refreshes in the face of heat, and best of all, you may just be able to find some of the first bottles of Defender IPA with its striking new label (check our Instagram @brooklynbrewery for the preview.) Good luck and stay cool.

Hopefully the rain holds off for Summer Streets this Saturday:

There are also plenty of Weekend Walks:

The Belmont one is in the new dockless bike share zone, so try a Jump bike...if you can find one:

Jump Map

Not sure what's going on there.

Speaking of dockless bikes, the Times recently followed a Lime general manager around Rockaway:

Then a distress call came in about a bike in Far Rockaway.

“It looks like someone complaining that the bike is in front of their house,” Mr. Kazimirov said.

After a bit of searching, we found the bright green bike in a driveway on Beach 64th Street.

Mr. Kazimirov quickly diagnosed the problem: a broken lock, probably jammed with sand. The bike was loaded into a white van and taken to the company’s warehouse in Bay Ridge for repairs. So far, Mr. Kazimirov said, he hasn’t had to rescue bikes from trees or bodies of water — as dockless bike operators have had to do in other cities.

Ah yes, a house under siege.  Good thing Mr. Kazimirov arrived when he did, I'm sure they were about to run out of food and water.

In other news, if you're among the many cyclists who have been caught out in the Summer of Ticketing, there's a good chance you've been wrongly subjected to a surcharge and/or points on your license:


Because cyclists only see the wrongful penalties on the DMV site after they’ve already input their decision to plead guilty, Vaccaro (whose firm is a Streetsblog sponsor) believes the vast majority of people getting bilked are not aware that anything is off. “We think a lot of people just pay the money without looking, without investigating,” he said.

As one of these cyclists, I was glad to know that Vaccaro & White is working to fix the situation:

In the meantime, it's surcharges if you get a ticket, and no charges if a sanitation worker runs you down in the bike lane:

According to the NYPD it's possible the victim "accidentally went into the vehicle:"


When large vehicles are coming at you in the bike lane it can be hard to not go into them.