Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

January 12th, 2018: Your Weekend Forecast

60 degrees and heavy rain means it should be the snow's last stand:


Friday Rain. The rain could be heavy at times. Areas of fog. High near 60. South wind 11 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between three quarters and one inch possible.

Friday Night Rain. The rain could be heavy at times. Widespread fog, mainly after 9pm. Low around 40. South wind 6 to 10 mph becoming east after midnight. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Sunrise: 7:19am

Sunset: 4:50pm

Then things will cool down and dry off by Sunday:


With the Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast calling for...



reflection 1

With a true grab bag of temperatures and precipitation types heading our way, we’re recommending our Naranjito orange pale ale for this weekend. It’s clean and refreshing for post-ride cooldowns, with plenty of heady orange aroma to celebrate citrus season. Plus, at 4.5%, it’s a reasonable choice if you’re riding home.

Meanwhile, publicity stunt lawsuits are clearly in the zeitgeist, for not only is the city suing the oil companies instead of pushing for congestion pricing and supporting ebikes...

...but the Douglaston Civic Association now wants to sue the city for that evil bike lane:


You know, the one that eats cars:

eats cars

A spokesman for Avella said the newly installed bike lanes forced the driver to edge into traffic in a dangerous fashion, but their office was still awaiting additional details.

I suspect "dangerous fashion" might be what the rest of us call "carefully."  In any event, inasmuch as the barriers seem to be providing some much-needed protection, maybe after this they can sue something else for doing its job:


More happily, over in Brooklyn, Community Board 6 approved the 4th Avenue bike lane proposal on Wednesday night:

4th avenue

Not only is this badly needed, but the full project will also potentially expand what real estate brokers refer to as "Park Slope" all the way to 65th Street:


Sure it is.

And in Oakland, CA, residents are upset about a bike share racks near a memorial:

“The analogy I made is it would be like putting a bike station in front of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. Here you have a memorial to people who died in the firestorm and you stick a bike share right in front of it?” said Stuart Flashman, attorney and Rockridge community planning chairman.


It's almost like people need ways to get to these places.

And of course we all know car parking is never in bad taste:


Finally, in the spirit of the season, here's a winter bike commuting story from NBC 4 in Columbus, OH:

It starts with some clothing advice:


"If you're thinking about commuting by bicycle this winter, don't wear an arctic coat like this."

Why not?

Then they interview a specimen:


You can add "riding a bike when it's cold" to the long list of stuff that should simply be normal in this country.  Put it right after "riding to memorial sites."