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April 13th, 2018: Your Weekend Forecast

How's that for a whiplash-inducing temperature change?

Friday Weather

Friday A 20 percent chance of showers before noon. Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 76. Southwest wind 13 to 16 mph.

Friday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 60. Southwest wind 10 to 14 mph.

Sunrise: 6:20am

Sunset: 7:30pm

Enjoy it while it lasts:

Weekend Forecast

And be sure to enhance your enjoyment with the Brooklyn Brewery's official Weekend Beer Forecast recommendation, which is...

Brooklyn Brewery

...the Summer Ale!

Summer Ale

The sun and mild temperatures in the forecast seem hopeful at best, but we’re going to believe them long enough for us to recommend Summer Ale this weekend. Our sunny pale ale is pleasantly crisp and refreshing, with a gentle hint of floral and citrus hop aromas that will make you feel like the weather is living up to your dreams. This weekend also features our Beer Mansion festival at Weylin, and we’d love to see you there. Head to brooklynbrewerypresents.com/beermansion and use code BB5OFF to take $5 off your ticket. We’ll see you inside!

Everybody loves beer, everybody loves mansions, and everybody loves saving five bucks, so I don't see how you can lose.

By the way, you can thank me for the warm weather because I just arrived in California and of course the universe doesn't want me to be able to gloat:


But I will anyway.

As for the streets of New York, check the DOT's milling and paving schedule because it's getting more chewed up out there by the day:

And watch out for ticketing, which has been reported on 8th Avenue in Manhattan:

As well as in the vicinity of Prospect Park:

Also in Prospect Park, a Redditor reports that they were assaulted near Grand Army Plaza:


If you're one for nighttime laps you might want to consider riding with a group if possible, for there's safety in numbers, to which the participants in yesterday's BikeTrain can no doubt attest:

Including this lone skateboarder:


The local news was all over the ride, with coverage from NY1:

Bike Train

"I think a lot of people are just realizing now what the L Train shut down is going to mean for their lives in Brooklyn and Manhattan," said one rider.

"When you think about the actual logistics about all this, it's huge what's going to be happening and I think the more aggressive approach the city take, the better," said another rider.

As well as PIX11:

Bike Train

The reporter made a point of mentioning cyclist safety, but the only injury I saw was this person in the subway station B-roll who got faked out by a bad MetroCard swipe and took a turnstile to the groin:


Hey, we've all been there.

Finally, via a tipster, the bike lane in Marine Park, Brooklyn is full of trash...


...and it's all the bike lane's fault:

On April 2, someone posted a picture on social media showing boxes, tires, and general trash in a bike lane near the shopping center, prompting dozens of angry comments echoing the complaints about the constant barrage of garbage in the area — with many blaming the problem on the bike lanes themselves, which have been controversial since they were first proposed 2016.

Even though it's not:

But Rogers said the trash problem along Avenue V and Hendrickson Street bordering the Marine Park Golf Course near Flatbush Avenue predates the addition of the bike lanes in 2016, and that people unabashedly dump their trash there on the isolated stretch.

“I see trucks literally stop and unload broken furniture. It’s incredible,” he said. “People pull up, dump off, and drive on.”

Seems to me that bikes are the least of their problems.  I've never seen anyone dump an old sofa out of a bakfiets.