Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

September 14th, 2018: Your Weekend Forecast

There could be some rain today:

Friday Weather

Friday A 20 percent chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 78. East wind around 10 mph.

Friday Night Mostly cloudy, with a low around 67. Northeast wind 5 to 7 mph.

Sunrise: 6:36am

Sunset: 7:07pm

But things should clear up in time for the weekend:


As always, beverage choice will be crucial, and Brooklyn Brewery Weekend Beer Forecast calls for...

Brooklyn Logo

...Brooklyn Brown Ale!

Brooklyn Brown

After a week of zig-zagging temperatures and rainy weather, we're recommending Brooklyn Brown Ale to keep things steady this weekend. It's hearty and roasty for when things get cool and damp, but plenty refreshing for when the thermometer starts to climb again. 

Moving on, as alluded to in the image above, if you're setting out on the Hudson River Greenway this weekend make sure to note the Amtrak Bridge detour:


And keep your guard up on your commute today because there's lots of ticketing going on:

And the NYPD is not taking irony into account:

Speaking of bike lanes, there's been lots of debate about who gets to share bike lanes and other amenities with us--electric scooters, ebikes, etc.--but I think we all can agree the cutoff should be well below 883cc:

Please don't @ me on what size motor that Harley actually has.

Finally, have you talked to your children about swerving?

You're headed down the road in your car and a kid, on a bike, heads straight for you and pops a wheelie right next to your car, or near a parked car. 

It's dangerous and it's a fad that just won't die in New Jersey, police say.

The stunts are called "swerving" -- or intentionally biking in the path of vehicles while performing tricks. Sometimes, large groups of teens will do this together, just to confound traffic.

Confounding indeed!  By way of illustration, the story includes a video of a kid popping an epic wheelie and an NYPD officer obstructing a bus lane:


Here's why swerving is bad:

The department’s post included three statues from the state’s motor vehicle code these bikers are usually breaking:

-- Riding a bike without wearing a helmet under the age of 17

-- Riding in street while "practicing tricks or fancy riding"

-- Failure to ride to the right side of the road.

“If you witness your child, or a neighbor or friends child riding in such a manner, we implore you to address the potential consequences of their actions,” the post said. “It is our sincere hope that we can eliminate this problem through education as opposed to enforcement.”

Concerned your teen might be in on this fad?  Watch for these warning signs at home:

How To Know If Your Child Is Swerving

  • Leans back in chair while doing homework
  • Takes needlessly meandering path to fridge, bathroom, etc.
  • Doesn't move until last second when passing in hallway

Until this fad goes the way of fidget spinners, local authorities in New Jersey are trying everything...including being nice:

The police department attacked the issue by staying positive: It issued coupons for treats at neighborhood stores for those seen riding a bicycle in a safe manner and wearing a helmet.

Ah yes, that always works well.

In the meantime there's only one surefire way to stay safe from swerving: