Daily Bike Forecast — by Bike Snob NYC

May 18th, 2018: Your Weekend Forecast

We won't be seeing much sun again today:

Friday Weather

Friday A 30 percent chance of showers, mainly after 4pm. Cloudy, with a high near 59. Northeast wind 10 to 15 mph.

Friday Night Showers likely before 2am, then rain after 2am. Low around 55. East wind 11 to 13 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New precipitation amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Sunrise: 5:36am

Sunset: 8:09pm

And as for the weekend, I'm afraid there's no good way to put this:


Though your friends at the Brooklyn Brewery are here to help you in your damp dissatisfaction, and the Weekend Beer Forecast calls for...

Brooklyn Brewery logo

...Brooklyn Brown Ale!

Brooklyn Brown

With some warm, wet weather heading our way, we’re recommending Brooklyn Brown Ale this weekend. Its hearty roast notes help shake off the rain, while a surprisingly dry finish keeps it refreshing in this warmer weather. Plus, if you end up muddy from a ride, no one will notice if you spill a little bit on your shorts.

Use fenders and drink responsibly.

Out on the streets, New York City is a little less whimsical now that the "wonky" bike lane has been repaired:


Photos on Instgram showed the freshly painted bike path line swerving down East 10th Street, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, on Tuesday afternoon.

Comments on the original post ranged from disbelief to "You had one job."

They should have kept it the way it was for awhile, maybe it would have turned out to be traffic-calming.

Meanwhile, the NYPD is cracking down on *record scratch sound*...bus lane parking?

I think they misspelled "are the problem":

Hey, in their defense, there's not always a bike lane handy:

In other news, Citi Bike users were recently forced to dock their bikes around a truck:

And that guy who used to be mayor doored a pedicab:

“A door to the vehicle opened and made contact with a pedicab that was unoccupied,” Brown told TPM. “There were no injuries and no property damage.”

So a self-opening door "made contact" with a driverless pedicab?

Nobody does passive voice like the NYPD.

Finally, even though the DOT has said they will remain in place, Manhattan Community Board 12 is still pushing to move the Dyckman Street bike lanes:


DOT has signaled that the Dyckman bikeway is safe for the time being, but has not ruled out future changes. CB 12 needs to hear from the public — again — that there is no going back to the bad old days.

The board will meet next Tuesday, May 22, at 6:30 p.m. at NewYork-Presbyterian’s Milstein Center, 173 Ft. Washington Avenue.

We should not be having to defend bike lanes in 2018, but here we are.