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May 24th, 2018: Do Not Engage

Perfect.  Well maybe a little warm if you want to get picky:

Thursday Weather

Thursday Sunny, with a high near 79. North wind 5 to 9 mph becoming light northwest in the afternoon.

Thursday Night Clear, with a low around 61. Southwest wind around 6 mph.

Sunrise: 5:32am

Sunset: 8:15pm

Let's not get picky.

Let's not get complacent either, because more bikes means more bike thefts:

And heavy NYPD bike ticketing continues:

As for the drivers, there's the right way:

Then there's the New York City way:

Not that there aren't some bad cyclists out there:

Fortunately the child wasn't hurt because it was an ebike and not a car:

The 7-year-old was hit at East 84th Street and First Avenue around 4 p.m. and treated on the scene for minor scratches, a police source said.

By the way, while it can be tempting to engage drivers who put you in danger, generally speaking it's best to refrain because sometimes when you call them out for almost killing you they try to finish the job:

Road Rage

An apparent road rage confrontation in midtown completely demolished a motorcycle and put its driver in the hospital after he was allegedly run over Wednesday morning.

The altercation occurred just shortly after 7:30 a.m. at the intersection of W 57th Street and 11th Avenue, authorities say, adding that the confrontation started with a verbal argument over erratic driving.

Basically they argued for 43 blocks:

Road Rage

And then the driver ran over the motorcyclist's bike:

Road Rage

The biggest surprise here is that the NYPD will actually charge someone for using their car as a weapon:

Authorities arrested Bejar. He is charged with serious injury with a weapon (car), criminal mischief, menacing, reckless endangerment and reckless driving.

Though presumably this only applies if the victim is using a motorized vehicle.  (Ebikes excluded, naturally.)

Meanwhile, Manhattan Community Board 12 has approved a resolution to reconfigure the Dyckman Street bike lanes:


The board voted on Tuesday to approve a resolution suggesting the DOT remove a protected bike lane on the south side of Dyckman Street and change one on the north side into a two-way lane. The board's chair, Shah Ally, said that the board felt the bike lanes were not implemented responsibly.

"We certainly do not in any way condemn transportation alternatives," Ally said." We have been advocates, but it just has to be done in a responsible way."

Traffic is actually moving better now, but why let facts get in the way?

In the months following the installation of the bike lanes, the local business community has been the most vocal opponent of the new street configuration. Bike lane opponents claim that Dyckman Street is more congested than ever, which has hurt sales and is preventing emergency vehicles from accessing the street.

But those claims were disputed by the city. Department of Transportation officials said during a public hearing this month that traffic times got worse on Dyckman Street immediately after the bike lanes were implemented, but data shows that times have actually improved as motorists have become used to the new street layout.

Then there's all the senseless opposition to the protected bike lane proposal for Skillman Avenue in Queens:

Hey, say what you want about the real estate industry, but at least they know that bikes are good business:


“Residents don’t have to fetch their own bikes anymore, they can just call down to the concierge and say, ‘Can I have my bike ready at 10 a.m.?’ take it for the day and drop it off when they get back, and NYC Velo will put it away for them,” Koenig explained, adding that residents of any Gotham buildings are eligible for discounts at NYC Velo as well for rentals, tune-ups or apparel.

On certain summer weekends, The Ashland offers professionally led bike tours through Brooklyn, and the demand, Koenig said, “was incredible. Residents want more of that with their fellow neighbors and the community.”

Eh.  I'll consider one of their buildings when they can arrange for someone to ride the bike for me too.