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March 1st, 2018: Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Henry Hudson Bridge

(Henry Hudson Bridge)

Another springlike day today, though be prepared for possible rain on your evening commute:

Thursday Forecast

Thursday A 40 percent chance of rain, mainly after 3pm. Increasing clouds, with a high near 57. Calm wind becoming east 5 to 9 mph in the afternoon.

Thursday Night Rain. Low around 41. East wind 10 to 15 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Sunrise: 6:30am

Sunset: 5:47pm

And given the favorable weather I'm keeping the ticketing advisory in effect:

Ticketing Alert

Looks like they were at it yesterday too:

Hopefully you avoided all that and managed to bask in the azure skies:

George Washington Bridge

Unobstructed vistas:

West Side Greenway

And obstructed bike lanes:

Mail truck in bike lane

Moving on, back in October we learned about the epidemic* of errant delivery cyclists riding into the Lincoln Tunnel:

Three Times

*(When it comes to bikes, three or more is an epidemic.)

Now, the problem is back in the news:

Lincoln Tunnel story

Partially because the guy was arrested for carrying a "dagger," but mostly because they can't get over his name:

On Tuesday around 6 p.m., a bicycle deliveryman for a food app joined the 43,000 cars, buses, and trucks that travel into the tunnel daily, police said.  Even though every entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel displays a sign showing that no bicycles are allowed, cyclist Bruce Lee, 19, entered on his bike.

He told them that he's named after the legendary martial arts actor, police sources told PIX11 News.  Lee also told them that he was following the GPS directional app on his mobile phone in order to make his delivery.  It had directed him into the tunnel, the bike deliveryman from Staten Island said.

Even the Post was on the story, though astonishingly they refrained from making an "Enter The Dragon" pun:

Enter The Tunnel

Anyway, the TV news report featured the obligatory interview with an incredulous motorist:

Astute driver

"It's clearly marked that it's a tunnel.  It's clearly marked.  There's something going on."

Is it really that clearly marked though?  Those signs are pretty small, and probably easy to miss when you're chum in the water of Jersey-bound traffic:

No Bikes sign

Still, you can't slip one by our alert motorist eternally on the lookout for "something going on," and indeed later that evening in Jersey he came home to this:

Half eaten sandwich

"It's clearly marked that it's my sandwich  It's clearly marked.  There's something going on."

Indeed it was, and indeed there is:

Joe's Sandwich Do Not Eat

Indeed there is with the tunnel too, and Andrew Young at Breakaway says it's these damn navigation apps:

"It's always about the app," Young said.

He said that one of his employees had driven his bicycle into the tunnel last year, and that "it took three hours" to get the man released from Port Authority Police questioning.  Young said that it was understandable that officers wanted to take every precaution.

At the same time, Young said, that he's seen how misunderstandings can happen.

"Especially with immigrants here," he said.  "They follow an app" to the letter and because it says so, they do what they think they're supposed to be doing."

I'm sure it is the app.  However, that bewildering tunnel floodplain couldn't be helping either.  It's worth nothing that nobody wants to blame the tunnel itself for sucking in cyclists like fish in a drainpipe, but when drivers drive into the bike lane it's always the bike lane's fault:

Northern Blvd

And what about the actual epidemic of people driving into stores?

Car in storefront

(Old story pulled at random, there are a million of 'em.)

Can't blame the navigation apps for that, and they can't all be mistaking these stores for drive-thrus.