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May 29th, 2018: A Pilot for the Pilot

It's going to be foggy this morning so you may want your lights:

Tuesday Weather

Tuesday Patchy fog before 9am. Otherwise, cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 86. Calm wind becoming east around 5 mph in the afternoon.

Tuesday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 67. South wind around 5 mph becoming light and variable.

Sunrise: 5:29am

Sunset: 8:19pm

Then the fog will burn off and it'll turn into the beach day you wish you'd had yesterday.

Out on the streets, note that there will be partial mid-day closures on the Queensboro Bridge this week:

As well as frequent openings on the Borden Avenue Bridge starting today and through June 27th:

Speaking of beach days and bridges, the NYPD reportedly enforced walk-your-bike rules on Rockaway riders this past weekend:

I thought the Addabbo Bridge had a bike lane so maybe he means the Cross Bay Bridge.

And the speed barriers in the Prospect Park roadway have been moved:

Streetsblog has more info on their deployment.

Finally, the city's dockless bike share pilot may not be starting until July:

But Yonkers's program is already up and running:

And it's a mere mile and a half from the Yonkers/Bronx border to the 1 train terminal at 242nd Street:

City LIne

Not only is this a more-or-less flat run down Broadway, but it's also a route that will soon have a protected bike lane, which is being installed as I type this:

Protected Bike Lane

Since a lot of people take the bus from Yonkers to use the subway I figured it wouldn't be long before the bikes started infiltrating New York City and appearing at the station, and I was right because on Friday I saw this:

Lime Bikes

And as the weekend went on I saw more and more Lime bikes in the area, both parked and in use.

The upshot of this is that the Northwest Bronx effectively now has a dockless bike share pilot program months before the city's actual dockless bike share pilot program, with the Lime app showing bikes as far down as the Jerome Park Reservoir as of yesterday evening:

Lime App

The novelty of this was too good to pass up, and so yesterday I headed to the nearest cluster of Lime bikes:

Lime Bikes

Of course I needed a destination, and after some consideration I figured I'd test their hauling capability by going down to Rite Aid for some paper towels.

Grabbing a Lime bike is easy, at least in theory.  All you do is open the app and scan a QR code and the bike unlocks.  Alas, the first three bikes I tried to use returned messages that they were down for maintenance, but I was finally able to unlock the fourth one I tried.  Ironically, the saddle was all the way down and I could not raise it, so I was forced to ride standing up:

Lime Bikes

Minutes later I arrived at Rite Aid, which is apparently the hot Lime bike destination in town:

Rite Aid

For the return I picked a bike with a working saddle.  For some reason the app wouldn't read the QR code, but I was still able to unlock it easily by entering the accompanying numeric code:

Paper Towels

The bike handled an 8-pack of Scott no problem:


As I neared home I briefly considered leaving the bike in front of my building to see how long I'd be able to make private use of it, but instead I decided to leave it by the station to spare some returning Yonkersonian a trip on the Bee-Line bus:


So there it is.  The Bronx officially unofficially has bike share.  (At least until the DOT sees this.)

Next time I'll do a beer run.