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May 1st, 2018: Dockless and Adrift

Happy Bike Month!

Tuesday Weather

Tuesday Sunny, with a high near 77. West wind 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night Mostly clear, with a low around 61. Southwest wind 11 to 13 mph.

Sunrise: 5:55am

Sunset: 7:52pm

You can now finally stop complaining about how it's too cold and start complaining about how it's too hot.

Milling and paving continues throughout the city, so check the schedule:

Fair weather also means lots of cyclist, and lots of cyclists means lots of ticketing, so be careful out there:

Of course the arbitrary punitive behavior of the NYPD rarely has anything to do with actually being considerate of your fellow New Yorkers, and while mindless adherence to the law will help you avoid the former, here's something that underscores the importance of the latter:

Crosswalks are sacrosanct, so be respectful:

There's also a car-free Central Park victory ride this morning:

And speaking of sacrosanct, this Saturday you can even get your bike blessed:

If your bike is made of carbon fiber just be sure the priest uses a torque wrench.

Moving on, as I rode past a pile of illegally dumped car tires in Van Cortlandt Park this past weekend I thought about how ironic it is that dockless bike share gets so much negative media coverage for being "messy," so this tweet really resonated with me:

Here's the story:

Yes, dockless bikes and scooters are winding up in all sorts of inappropriate places, such as:

"In the middle of a busy walkway in the National Mall..."

National Mall


Yes, you'd never find a shared car on the sidewalk like that:

Car on Sidewalk


"Up a tree in Seattle..."



A car in a tree?  Unthinkable!

Car in a Tree


"On the shoulder of a highway in Virginia:"

Shoulder of Highway


I'm not even going to bother with that one, there are enough parts on the shoulder of any given mile of the Major Deegan Expressway to build an entire car.


"Or...in the water!"

In The Water


Right.  Go ahead and google "Cars in pools" and you'll be busy for days:

Car In Pool


Then of course there was the guy who threw a bike share bike onto the DC Metro tracks:

DC Metro Tracks


Something nobody would ever do with a car:

Car Hit By Train

The westbound LIRR train struck the minivan at Franklin Ave. in Malverne, near the Westwood station, around 7:13 a.m., according to the MTA. The driver apparently steered around the lowered gates around the tracks, according to MTA spokesman Shams Tarek.

Nevertheless, even though our streets, parks, and public spaces are strewn with cars and their body parts, we're supposed to recoil at the sight of this San Francisco hellscape:

San Francisco scooter pile

On the spectrum of sidewalk obstacles this falls somewhere between "trash collection day" and "smokers outside bar."