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June 5th, 2019: "Merely Changes In Street Markings"

The day starts out well enough but there could be rain or thunderstorms for your evening commute:

Wednesday Weather

Wednesday A slight chance of showers between noon and 3pm, then a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms after 3pm. Partly sunny, with a high near 82. Southwest wind 9 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 20%.

Wednesday Night Showers and thunderstorms. Low around 67. Southwest wind 11 to 14 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Sunrise 5:26am

Sunset 8:24pm

Lots of ticketing happening out there:

And the NYPD are not relenting when it comes to ebike confiscation:

Though apparently in order for them to take your electric conveyance it has to be both illegal and essential for your livelihood:

But while you can't make deliveries on an ebike, you're more than welcome to use a truck:

Paint and flexible posts can only do so much.  In fact, the city acknowledges as much in their response to the complainants in the Bronx Vision Zero lawsuit:

Street Markings

...the current Morris Park Project plan features a flush painted center median (meaning no physical barrier will be constructed), left turn bays, bicycle lanes, and a truck loading zone between Colden Avenue and Paulding Avenue.  These proposed features add no physical impediments to the Corridor whatsoever; rather, they are merely changes in street markings.

Clearly we could use more physical impediments.

More encouragingly, NYPD Transportation Bureau Inspector Dennis Fulton says they're "trying to change the culture" when it comes to traffic enforcement:

"We have a long way to go to get to our overall goal, and the truth is we're trying to change the culture," Fulton said.

In this exclusive interview, Fulton laid out the troubling numbers.

Through May, 10 people have died while riding bikes in the city. That's up from five during the same time in 2018, a 100% increase.

Despite that trend, police say cycling in the city is safer than ever.

"Because the trips have went up, in 2000, we had approximately 54 million bicycle trips," Fulton said. "And in 2018, we had approximately 178 million bicycle trips."

And a crushing blow small dent has been dealt to the placard abuse epidemic with the arrest of the now-infamous "Dashboard 8:"

All eight suspects attempted to beat city parking tickets by presenting the faux parking placards to the Department of Finance — although only one was successful, authorities said. The city DOT referred the cases to DOI for investigation.

So basically to get in trouble for BS placards you have to not only use them, but also present them as evidence when you're disputing the ticket you got anyway.

They should have been more subtle and made something understated, like this:

Famous Fish Owner

As for parking your bike, Corey Johnson has pledged support for Ooneepod:

And finally, in micromobility husbandry news, Bird have successfully bred an ebike with a sooter:

According to Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden:

“Bird’s introduction of shared e-scooters spurred a global phenomenon and mode shift away from cars. To further accelerate progress on our mission to make cities more livable, we are providing additional environmentally friendly micro-mobility alternatives—including Bird Cruiser. Starting this summer, people can move about their city and explore new neighborhoods together, without a car. Designed and engineered in California, Bird Cruiser is an inclusive electric-powered option that is approachable, easy-to-ride and comfortable on rough roads.”

That all sounds great, but where do you put the pogo stick?

Imagine these in the mix on the Brooklyn Bridge.