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June 10th, 2019: Wasted Opportunity

Be prepared to get wet out there today:

Monday Weather

Monday Showers likely, mainly after 8am. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 72. East wind 9 to 11 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New precipitation amounts between a half and three quarters of an inch possible.

Monday Night Showers likely, then showers and possibly a thunderstorm after 11pm. Low around 67. Southeast wind 8 to 10 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.

Sunrise 5:25am

Sunset 8:26pm

Hopefully you got your fill of sunshine yesterday; in fact you had plenty of time to enjoy it while waiting to get over the GWB due to construction delays:

If it makes you feel better that's how the drivers on the GWB feel all the time.

Further downtown, the DOT seems to have removed the new island at Allen and Delancey:

So they got rid of this traffic island which didn't work as intended from r/NYCbike

And tomorrow at 7pm the DOT will present their plans for a protected bike lane along Central Park West:

That's a one way bike lane, which seems like a real waste of an opportunity, and is the sort of thing you do to appease those people who say, "Why can't those bikers just ride in the park?".

The DOT would like you to know there are bike plane projects afoot in the Bronx as well:

And someone evidently vandalized the bike lane on Skillman:

Anecdotally there appears to be a strong correlation between hating bike lanes and behaving like a petulent child.

While you're settling in at your desk this morning and pretending to work, be sure to tune in to WBAI, where we'll be discussing bikes, NYC, and the law with Steve Vaccaro:

You can also call and ask questions, so don't squander your chance to receive free legal advice.  

Hey, did you know cars are heavy?

Yes, that's why you "cannot avoid" a cyclist while you're driving one.  After all, no driver has every hit someone intentionally, have they?

"The guy hit my car with his bike and then wouldn't move," he told Gothamist. "I was just trying to get out of the way [so] traffic could continue on."

"I'm in awe. I can't believe it," De La Rosa added, referring to the mounting public outrage over the confrontation, in which he appears to use his Dodge Challenger to deliberately ram a cyclist. "It's totally blown out of proportion."

Of course not.

But don't worry, because the NYPD is increasing its enforcement...of ebikes:

Oh well, so much for "changing the culture."  And for being the "fairest big city in America:"

Finally, with the city lagging behind when it comes to adding bike racks, sometimes you've got to get creative--though the New York Times warns you can't lock up to private property:

Private Property

Q: My girlfriend locked her bike to my neighbor’s side of the wrought-iron fence outside the apartment I rent in a Brooklyn brownstone. We left town the next morning and returned two days later to find the bike gone. The neighbors later informed us that they had left a note on the bike asking for it to be removed and inquired about it with other neighbors. When no one responded, they cut the lock. They say they don’t know what happened to it after that. They had previously told my landlord that they didn’t want people locking bikes to their fence. I did not know this and they have not posted any signs. Is there anything my girlfriend can do?

We'll have to confirm all this with Steve Vaccaro.