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March 14th, 2019: Cycling in the City

Wow, look at that, we could break 60 degrees today!

Thursday Weather

Thursday Cloudy, then gradually becoming mostly sunny, with a high near 61. Southeast wind 5 to 8 mph.

Thursday Night A 20 percent chance of showers after 2am. Patchy fog after midnight. Otherwise, mostly cloudy, with a low around 47. South wind around 10 mph.

Sunrise: 7:10am

Sunset: 7:01pm

This is certainly auspicious for the opening of the "Cycling in the City" exhibit today:

As for the future of cycling in the city, it holds great promise:

Though in one crucial respect we've got a very long way to go:

Not furnishing ready-made excuses for hit-and-run drivers would be a start:

Following the hit-and-run death of Aurilla Lawrence, a 25-year-old bicycle courier, in Williamsburg this month, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams took aim at the initial police response in the press, which floated speculation that the driver may not have known they struck anyone.

“The NYPD has an important responsibility to uphold in maintaining the integrity of the crash investigation process,” Adams, who spent 22 years as an NYPD officer, said in a statement. “Comments on the record or anonymously sourced that pre-presume responsibility, intentionally or unintentionally, are damaging to the pursuit of justice.” (Reached for comment, a police spokesperson did not respond to Adams’ statement.)

Yes, it's encouraging to see increased ticketing of reckless private sanitation truck drivers:

And yes, the streets are arguably a tiny bit safer without motor scooter riders who carry opiates in lieu of insurance:

But all too often it seems as though the NYPD is putting us in danger in order to save us:

And delivery riders still can't seem to catch a break:

Nor can anyone else for that matter:

Ticket for not being in left bike lane when preparing to turn right from r/NYCbike

Which is unsurprising given who's doing the ticketing:

Streetsblog’s ongoing investigation into police officers who repeatedly speed and run red lights unearthed a true sociopath in blue on Tuesday: An Upper East Side cop with 63 summonses — including 34 camera-issued speeding tickets and seven tickets issued for being caught on camera running a red light — since 2014.

Finally, another day, another opinion piece about congestion pricing that blames bike lanes for congestions:

None of the taxes under consideration is a good idea, but the congestion tax is the worst. There is absolutely no promise that charging vehicles astronomical fees to enter Midtown south of 61st Street would have any measurable impact on the arteries clogged not just by cars and trucks, but by bicycle lanes, pedestrian plazas and construction.

Yet by definition, by saying they want fewer vehicles in Midtown, the pols are effectively labeling congestion pricing a sin tax.

Bike lanes don't clog arteries, they relieve them.

If you're sitting in your car stuck in traffic and there's a bike lane next to you, all that means is you chose the wrong vehicle.