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April 17th, 2019: One Into Many



Enjoy the weather today:

Wednesday Weather

Wednesday Mostly cloudy, then gradually becoming sunny, with a high near 63. Northeast wind around 6 mph becoming light and variable.

Wednesday Night Increasing clouds, with a low around 48. South wind 7 to 10 mph.

Sunrise: 6:15am

Sunset: 7:37pm

Because as of now the rest of the week looks like this:

Rest of week

Hey, if you want blossoms to gawk at you've got to pay the price.

This is happening tonight:

It turns one parking spot into many, what's to discuss?

If Jesus wanted to perform the miracle of the loaves and fishes today he'd have to go before the community board first.

And if Moses were to part the East River so you could cross it you'd have to dismount your bike first:

Still, change is afoot, and CB10 in Brooklyn has approved a protected bike lane in Bay Ridge:

“It’s a good plan,” said the board’s longtime District Manager Josephine Beckmann. “It’s a good proposal, and one that will promote safety, and it is actually this board that requested DOT come out to do a safety study in this area.”

The lane will run between 65th and 84th streets, a wide stretch of Seventh Avenue that encourages drivers to speed because it is essentially a service road for the Gowanus Expressway. The protected bike lane will not eliminate any parking spaces, a source of controversy in community boards that give too much power to the car-owning minority.

While Citi Bike has officially expanded into Bushwick:

Must be nice.

Speaking of Citi Bike, here's an in-depth analysis featuring everything you wanted to know and more, including a look at the fleet's most-ridden bicycle:

With 2776 rides, and a total of 36,448 minutes of traveling this bike probably knows New York City better than I do. And so, as a parting gift, I’ll leave you with Bike 30657 so you can see it in action.

I'm not sure Bike 30657 knows New York City very well at all.  After all, it never leaves Manhattan and Brooklyn--and it probably wouldn't be caught dead in Jersey:

The mayor of Jersey City suggested that New Jerseyans should toll New Yorkers entering their state. A congressman is calling for federal legislation to guarantee that drivers — who already pay tolls to cross between the states — are not charged twice. Others believe a lawsuit could be filed to stop the tolls.

“We are a little confounded about why suddenly New York would turn around and take a two-by-four to New Jersey,” said Representative Josh Gottheimer, a Democrat who represents a slice of New Jersey suburbs near Manhattan and plans to introduce a bill he hopes will pressure New York to give his state’s drivers a break.

New York's not taking a two-by-four to New Jersey, but New Jersey is taking thousands of 4x4s to New York on a daily basis.

Just leave your cars in New Jersey and everybody wins.

Finally, guess what?  Painted lines on the street really aren't all that effective:

“Where the culture is not aligned with the goal of protecting vulnerable road users then paint cannot be an effective, sustainable solution to safety and more sustainably safe infrastructure would be needed,” argues British psychologist Ian Walker.

“If culture were 100% focused on protecting the vulnerable, then weaker infrastructure is likely to be acceptable – the Netherlands probably approximates this situation to a large extent,” adds Walker.

This news will shock not a single New Yorker:

Yes, even when the paint is green it can't repel drivers.

But now science confirms what we've always known:

The new study – which also used on-bike cameras and distance recording equipment – evaluated the effectiveness of painted bike lanes, and found them wanting.

Also, non-protected lanes also encourage drivers to pass you more closely:

Painted cycle lanes significantly reduce the distance motorists give cyclists, the study found. This is because motorists do not feel it necessary to give cyclists space when they are perceived to have their own lane, the authors propose.

Though I suppose in New York we've got that problem licked, since we just use them for parking and you can't ride in them anyway:

Student Driver

There's that problem solved.