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July 24th, 2019: The More Things Change...

We're finally getting back to a good place as far as the weather is concerned:

Wednesday Weather

Wednesday Mostly sunny, with a high near 81. North wind around 8 mph.

Wednesday Night Partly cloudy, with a low around 68. West wind around 5 mph becoming light and variable in the evening.

Sunrise 5:45am

Sunset 8:19pm

It also looks like we're going to stay there for awhile:

Thursday Friday Weather

However, if you're trying to get to and from Roosevelt Island tomorrow you should know this:

And if you're growing weary of cresting the hills of the Riverside Park detour on the Hudson River Greenway:

More than a dozen cyclists testified against the month-old detour at a meeting of Community Board 7 on Monday, but Riverside Park Administrator John Herrold dashed any hopes that the Parks Department will make improvements that could ensure that the “shared path” live up to its purpose — which “began with a concern for safety. Everyone’s safety,” Herrold said.

Herrold cited a lack of funding for additional improvements to the $200,000 route, which the Parks Department built on its own, with limited input from the Department of Transportation, which has considerable experience with bike lanes.

Unfortunately there's no end in sight:

Two resolutions were defeated. One, by board member — and Streetsblog op-ed contributor — Richard Robbins called for the detour to be scrapped entirely. That motion was defeated 6-2, with only Coughlin voting with Robbins. Board member Klari Neuwelt asked the Parks Department to consider allowing cyclist to return to the waterfront path during winter, when there are very few pedestrians. That motion also went nowhere. It may be revisited in the fall.

What has ended of course is the NYPD's Bicycle Safe Passage Plan:

Though motorists certainly up to their usual tricks:

And in one stunningly tragic day yesterday a tow truck driver killed a 17 year-old bicyclist on Staten Island:

According to the NYPD, the 38-year-old tow truck was heading south on Clove Road and the 17-year-old cyclist on a mountain bike was traveling westbound on Castleton Avenue in the West Brighton section of the Rock at around 12:03 p.m. when the two collided. The NYPD did not have any additional details about the crash, except that the driver remained on the scene.

This is the second teen bicyclist to be killed this year since Yisroel Schwartz in Borough Park, and the first death this year on Staten Island. 

Not only are cars deadly, but so is the industry built around taking them away once they've smashed into something:

Mr. Cali, 47, is a tow-truck operator who circles this section of Brooklyn like a condor, waiting to swoop down on the next car crash.

“They call it chase driving or wreck chasing — it’s just hustling and working the street, looking for the money,” he said. “You can’t wait for an invitation.”

Mr. Cali is not looking for nickel-and-dime towing jobs, but rather for collisions involving cars that, as he said, are relatively new and fully insured. If he can persuade the driver to let him tow the wreckage to the Georgia Avenue shop that he works for, Mr. Cali can collect a 10 percent commission on the repairs.

It's just mayhem on every level.

Then a box truck driver killed a 58 year-old bicyclist in Brooklyn:

Preliminary information is very sketchy, but according to the NYPD, at around 3:50 p.m., the 58-year-old cyclist was “facing southbound on McGuinness Avenue on a bicycle at Norman Avenue when he made contact with a box truck that was traveling southbound on McGuinness.”

Meanwhile the city has yet to announce the details of the new cyclist safety action plan it promised weeks ago.

Finally, in a bit of good news, the LPI bill has passed the full City Council:

Though it should surprise nobody that certain media outlets are spinning it as some zany law that will make it legal for cyclists to run red light:

It’s a green light for cyclists to run red lights.

The City Council will vote Tuesday on a bill that would allow bike riders to follow pedestrian walk signs rather than vehicle traffic lights.


This bill lets cyclists run red lights the same way TSA PreCheck allows you to smuggle drugs on commercial flights.

If anything we need all the help out there we can get.