Victims of Lawless Drivers Speak Out

12 Noon, Tuesday, June 15, City Hall Steps.

Families from all over the city, will join together to speak out about the death and danger on New York City's streets. They will share their sorrow, and describe how their lives were tragically altered, but will also implore the Mayor and Police to start protecting New Yorkers from the motoring menace on the streets.

The families, will press for enforcement of the speed limit, and for more police units dedicated to traffic enforcement on city streets. Gloria Torres-Rodriguez, mother of a cyclist killed on Avenue B. and Danny Powells the cousin of dragged cyclist Paul Donohue, will speak briefly, along with others. Copies of Transportation Alternatives 10 Point plan, and a letter from 40 community and civic groups to the Mayor, police, and D.O.T asking for speed limit enforcement, will also be available.


In 1992 alone, 300 walkers and cylists were killed by cars, and another 14,000 seriously hurt in New York City. Yet, on an average day in 1992, the police gave out fewer than 80 speeding and reckless driving summonses to the 2 million motorists who ply the streets of the 5 boroughs. Despite the mayhem , the police have assigned most street traffic duty to part time, temporary, Borough Task Force Units.

Motorists seem to rule this city despite the fact that only 44% of NYC households own cars. Other great international cities, like Amsterdam, have worked hard to make walking and cycling safer by stepping up enforcement and closing some areas to cars.

Event organizer, John Kaehny, of Transportation Alternatives comments:
"The Mayor and police don't seem to care. People are dying. Yet speeding, reckless driving, and light running are common. There are no 30 mph speed limit signs, and city officials admit that the way traffic lights are timed allows motorists to speed."