September 21st, 2017: Safety in Numbers

Today will bring more summery weather:

thurs weather

Thursday: Mostly sunny, with a high near 86. North wind 9 to 11 mph.

Thursday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 65. North wind 5 to 8 mph.

Sunrise: 6:43am

Sunset: 6:56pm

And next Monday will bring the closure of the George Washington Bridge south sidewalk through the end of the year:

Starting next week, on Sept. 25, temporary fencing will be installed on the south side walkway, which will be closed off for the rest of the year. Pedestrians and cyclists will be detoured to the north side walkway.

For your weekend pleasure rides, consider heading north through Van Cortlandt Park and then picking up the South County Trailway in Westchester.

Moving on, Inside Edition blows the lid off of the greatest problem facing America today, which is the opioid epidemic the high cost of education access to quality health care young people on bicycles:

The report starts with this image:


Where are scenes like this happening?  Everywhere.

Lots of people on bikes?  So wait, that's good, right?

Apparently not:


In Philadelphia, these pedestrians were nearly bowled over.

Judging from all the horn-honking I assume she means by the drivers in the crosswalk.


In Santa Cruz, CA, these riders seem to take pleasure in intimidating motorists.

As opposed to drivers of jacked-up pickups who seem to take pleasure in intimidating everybody?

But the focus is on a recent ride in New York, and the hand-wringing and finger-wagging continues as the intrepid reporter uses an unwitting participant as a pretense for making a statement disguised as a question:


Some people are gonna say you're intimidating pedestrians, you scare people, you know, you cause accidents, is that true?

The correct answer is obviously "No, I think you mean drivers," but that's ultimately not where he goes with it, instead opting to point out there's much worse stuff they could be doing, which is totally true.

Then the news team gives chase in a car:

keep up

I'm trying to keep up with the horde of bikers in a car...

But they cannot keep up, which means society is now on the verge of collapse, because if we can't go where we want when we want in a car then the end of civilization is nigh:


But I can't get through the intersection!

Well, that, and the light is red.

But wait!  It gets even more apocalyptic:


Hundreds and hundreds of them gather en masse right onto the Cross Bronx Expressway, one of the biggest highways in America.  It's complete mayhem!

Yes, how dare they disrupt this otherwise peaceful and orderly thoroughfare:


These kids should really show more respect to a roadway that's brought New York City a legacy of crushing traffic jams, fatal collisions, razed and fractured neighborhoods, urban blight and of course the joy of pediatric asthma.

Now cut to their operative on the inside who's quite clearly having an awesome time:

cbe 1

Those LiveStrong-themed sunglasses totally scream "NARC."

Anyway, much to the reporter's relief, the NYPD finally set up a roadblock, and one officer even offers a helpful push:


Granted, it doesn't seem like the rider needs it as he's already riding away:


But the officer clearly realizes this person is tired after a long ride and, considerate to a fault, isn't taking no for an answer:


And a mighty push it is too:


He should be proud of himself, and he certainly looks it:


As for the report's conclusion, here it is:

hurt's all over now.  But one thing is inevitable: if this continues, one day somebody is going to get badly hurt.

Actually, cyclists are getting badly hurt every day, even when they follow the letter of the law.  So given the safety in numbers principle, this is probably the safest thing these kids could possibly be doing on a bike.

If Inside Edition really wants carnage and mayhem they should probably stake out the Cross Bronx Expressway the other 364 days of the year--if they can get through the traffic, that is.

That bike ride's the only time I've ever seen it actually moving.

Or they could tackle something even more dangerous than teens on bikes, which is teens in cars:


Now that's scary.